Fear of the New World

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  • You Know
    You Know

    LYING EYES asks

    Surely there would be no breast implants, so what about those sisters who have em, how would Jehovah get em out?

    2 Peter 3:11 may have some bearing on that where it says; "Since all things are thus to be dissolved.." LOL / You Know

  • WildTurkey

    Hey you know this is funny:

    2 Peter 3:11 may have some bearing on that where it says; "Since all things are thus to be dissolved.." LOL / You Know

    As far as your first reply, if you are a JW you will die with me. You Know I dont like you. You can take your condescending reasoning and your bible and stick it up your ass!

  • teenyuck

    Hmmm, YK, the core question was not answered.

    What will happen to all the dead bodies? And try to speculate....saying Jehovah will take care of it is lame. Who will lead people? Will you have leaders?

    You don't have any choice in the matter. The only choice we have is being in subjection to Jehovah or being in subjection to death. Either way, we have to be subjects. I choose life.

    That is the point!!! Since I have no soul, (dub teaching) why should I care? I do not think living forever is all it's cracked up to be.

    Besides, I would imagine that riding on the back of an Arabian stallion is probably a pretty good way to get around.

    What fun...take a year long trip to the east coast. From Columbus, Ohio! On a horse. I can do that now...we have Amish here. They don't seem like the happiest group.

    Why would you want to be a dead relative?

    Again, the "no soul" issue is raised. It won't matter. I won't know.

    There is a lot of hypocrisy among Jehovah's Witnesses and the way this thing is going to play out is that Jehovah is going to weed out a pretty sizable percentage of those who presently imagine that they are part of the so-called great crowd. I expect that the majority of JWs will not make the grade when the chips are down.

    Thank you for admitting that...which brings up the question of who will bury all those dead?

    The big deal is a new world. You would probably be thrilled if some billionaire guy walked up to you and gave you the keys to your dream home, right?

    Wrong. Can you say taxes and upkeep? Unless I have the income to support a "dream home" it is worthless. Same goes for surviving armageddon...I might survive and not make the final cut. Why go through the mental gymnastics for 1000 years (boring as all hell after all the dead are buried), living without running water, a toilet, a hot water heater, a washing machine, a lawn mower and weed eater and having sex one way? YUCK! Again, I can go visit an Amish family to see what it's like.

    Europeans were thrilled at the prospect of getting out from under oppresive kings and grinding poverty and coming to the new world of the Americas. That was a big deal for them, and it changed the entire course of history.

    People are still coming to America for the same reasons. However, living under the current GB, as they are today, would be worse. At least in this day and age, if you go against the current system and disagree with the ruler of your despotic nation, you can DIE! After armageddon, if you don't agree with the GB (who of course would be the modern rulers) you have NO WHERE to go! You would not be able to commit suicide to escape your horrible lot. You would be stuck, forever. No thank you.

    The vision that Jehovah and Christ set before faithful mankind is very very powerful.
    These are man-made ideas. They play upon humans fear of death. These ideas allow other humans to claim to be "inspired" and get followers. Next thing you know, you have a group calling themselves "the faithful and discreet slave" who have god's ear and at the same time, some of them are committing the offenses they are DFing others for.

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