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  • orangefatcat

    Last night our dear friend mouthy sent me an e-mail saying she recieved and e-mail from Paul that the "WatchTower was Raided in London" please check out this url.

    I hope more information becomes available soon.

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  • Amazing

    Didn't DevonMcBride post on this yesterday ... an almost identical post? This "Paul" character really gets around.

  • Englishman

    I wonder if the search is connected in some way to the murder of the 2 schoolgirls in Cambridgeshire?

    As a result of the murders, the English police are at present awaiting extra powers to enable them to move in on paedophiles as quickly as possible. If they know that the WT holds lists of names of paedophiles, they are gonna be around there like lightning!!!

    Maybe we should move this out of the joke section?


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  • Amazing

    Hi E-Man: So far, the only source for this raid is some guy named Paul. I suppose if even one news article could be cited or quoted, it would become credible. Or if even some TV or radio report where the police or the Society acknowledge that their facility was raided, it would be at least a verified story.

  • orangefatcat

    thank you Eman for your input and yes I wondered too about that about the girls,that were murdered. and yes I do not know how my post ended up in this joke section, I didn't place it here someone moved it. I am a little upset about it. I found it somewhat significant and someone just takes it and they think it funny. I am not amused.

  • orangefatcat

    amazing perhaps if it was left where I placed it someone could see it and may have more information to add, I said at the outset that my friend recieved an email from her friend Paul about this and she emailed me with his information at the site I provided up above. And if you continued to read the other info on the site I provided about Bill Bowen, he may be able substanuate the truth of this. At least you could give it a chance.

  • SixofNine

    I believe it's in the joke section because of the good sense of humor of one of the moderators.

    Someone pointed out, rightly so, that until there is something more than a third-hand mysterious e-mail from "Paul from England", posting "London WT Raided" is indeed a joke. It may as well have been Ringo from England.

  • hawkaw

    For what its worth,

    I have been told by someone in the know that it DID NOT happen.

    I think this is the third post on this and I think we gotta some how get it stopped unless someone else in the know can show me a copy of the search warrant!


  • nancee park
    nancee park

    I will suggest here as then that the thread be deleted, especially now that Hawkaw knows it is bogus.

  • Dino

    Wouldnt this be a good time to hear from "our" man in London, JEMIMAH?

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