Your viewing/posting habits?

by jack2 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • jack2

    Well what do ya know, thread still breathing....

    Lyin, I've never noticed any rambling. Don't worry about it! Just post to your heart's content.

    Scootes, sorry to hear that things here get you worked up at times. I try to avoid that, but sometimes, I guess we all feel that way. I take a break too when things get weird. I think you have a great plan....get away for a bit, and dump it on your sister!! (Jack now sits and waits for cyber-slap upside the head from eyegirl).

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  • patricia

    I check the board before leaving for work in the morning, and then at bedtime just to update myself on any new happenings. I very rarely post. I don't feel comfortable posting, unless it is replying to a topic that I feel strongly about. I have never started a thread. :)

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