Your viewing/posting habits?

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  • jack2

    Some questions for posters:

    How often do you visit this site per day/week?

    How many threads do you read/reply to, on average?

    Is this your most frequented Internet site?

    About how much time do you spend here per day/week?

    At times I check the "stats" section and the graphs there do reveal how often some folks post. It seems that to make the 'most posts over the last 7 days' graph one must post anywhere from about 10-25 times per day for 7 days.

    I'm just curious since numbers can be somewhat fascinating (of course, they can also be boring and sometimes meaningless).

    Please make any other comments that you'd like about your habits here. I'd enjoy hearing them. Thanks

  • mevirginia

    Lately much more then usual, but I'm on vacation.

    I read everyday. But usually only post a few times a week.

    I have posted more this week then I have since I first posted.

  • musky

    The fact that I am posting this at 4:45 AM must mean I do a lot of reading. Not as much posting for the amount of time I have been here though. Thats because not many are interested in what I have to say.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    So the question should be, WHO CARES? Who really cares and for what reasons. Most have personal agendas.

    I view the forum to pick up tidbits that are useful.

    Guest 77

  • SYN
  • jack2

    Well SYN, I obviously was not aware of your thread. Thanks. Let's forget this then.

  • bigfloppydog

    I got hooked, usually read each day.

    I reply once in awhile.

    This can be very addictive.

  • scootergirl

    Let's the morning I grab a cup of coffee and check the board. Rarely do I post then.

    I check it periodically during the day and post here and there.....I don't think I have posted more than 3 times in a given day.

    In the evenings I check the board again and TRY to get into the chat room.

    Lately......well lately, things have changed. I started getting myself worked up about stuff on the board and knew that I needed to take a break. I decided that my energies could be spent I have just kinda kept quiet. Poor eyegirl., she comes over and what I didn't type I tell her!

  • SYN

    NP Jack2...

  • LyinEyes

    I wake up , get myself a cup of tea or a coke , sit down and start reading post on this site.

    This is the only site I go to, it consumes too much of my time already , I can't afford to get addicted to another one!!!!

    I usually like to chat at night because I have trouble going to sleep, but would chat if I see some of my friends in chat durning the day. I havent been able to chat as much because I have to help kids with studing, etc.

    I would have to say that the post are my favorite thing , reading them is like some read a newspaper every morning. I love to reply , but often think I ramble too much..... but still, that hasnt stopped me yet!!!!

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