What are JW's embarrased to say to interested ones

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  • Farkel

    : : What are JW's embarrased to say to interested ones

    They're not ashamed to tell everything about their religion to interested ones, except one little thing: the truth about their religion.

    Other than that, they are quite open and frank about it.


  • mevirginia

    I hated asking for donations

    That was the one thing that embarrassed me in fact, I never asked.

    Answering questions about the doctrines never was a big deal to me.

    Like anything else in my life. If Im doing something I believe in, or believed in, whatever it may be, I am never so embarrassed that I can't talk about it. If I am then it simply means to me ...it's time to go.

  • battman

    Copied from Min. as I agree 110%

    blood, voting, worldly associations, birthdays, holidays, intolerance of other religions,other
    Witnesses,our own publications, dates, amount of time having to be spent at meetings, service,
    personal study.....You want more?

    Farkster, you are also right on de money and expressed most succinctly.



  • LB

    They sure don't cover DFing/DAing all that much. I always understood that those DFed were just horrible people. Sinners of the worst kind. Unrepentent losers trying to drag everyone down with them.

    Then the comparison of how DAed people are to be treated was certainly and ugly little secret. The elder I stuidied with went so far as to dismiss DAing yourself as "no big deal, just a piece of paper".

    But oh how things change once you take that plunge into the pool.

  • blacksheep

    I agree with what others have said here. But the thing that REALLY burned me up for some reason was my family's refusal to go to any church weddings of friends/family. (I know, some say it's a "conscience" thing, but my family's "spriitual conscience...i.e. my MOTHER, always dictated we could not do this).

    Instead of truthfully stating, "we don't want to set foot in your church because it's part of false religion" which was the REAL reason, my JW family always said, "John (my brother-in-law) has to work," or some similar LAME and btw UNTRUE excuse. We'd manage to make it to the reception, but not the church wedding ceremony. I cannot tell you how many relative's weddings I missed. The funny thing was, my relatives managed to make it to all of our family's JW weddings: although a practicing member of other religions, THEY didn't have such an incredible intolerance of others....

    I recall when I got older, "fell away" and decided I wasn't going to play that stupid game, I WENT to the weddings AND the receptions. My mother and rest of the JW family were upset, because I wasn't going along with the family plan. Too bad.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    E.G _ Do Jehovahs Witnesses think they will be the only ones saved? JW: Well, Jehovah can only judge peoples hearts, not us.


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