I'll Just Bet They Do Go Beyond...

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  • DanTheMan

    I wonder if the congo in Jerusalem (the forerunner to Brooklyn, in the WT's twisted view of things) kept records of persons that had been "disfellowshipped".

  • gumby

    How many JW teachings go "beyond the things written" and in fact go WAY beyond the things written?

    That there would be a slave class on earth at all times from Pentecost untill the end.....each class feeding the next. I don't recall the scripture they got that from?

  • pomegranate

    I went fishing last August. I had a beautiful fishing machine of a boat, but I was so depressed, I just couldn't get it together to go fishing.

    Depressed?? Whadaya mean? Like everyday $h_t stuff??

    What was the boat?? Still have it?? Am I getting the geography right that this is in Georgia somewhere??

    Last time I went in the ship channel was about ten years ago. Thanks to another one of those US Army Corps of Engineers projects, the spawning grounds of the strippers silted up and they stopped going into the channel. But a lawsuit made the corps rip out thier "tide gates" and the strippers are coming back.

    They still run in the Ogeechee River though.

    So these two places above, are they off shore fishing??

    Sheesh, I just reviewed my post...too many questions!!

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