Who knows who that is ?

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  • Celia

    In the magazine The Government That Will Bring Paradise that the JW ladies left me last saturday, on page 18 at the bottom of the page there is a picture representing the men and women Jehovah has gathered since the time of Jesus who would reign in heaven with him.... Cough...

    in the middle of the line of faces, there is, of course, Charles T. Russell, coming forward, there is -- Gulp -- Rutherford, then Knorr... Is the last one, the one at the front of the line supposed to be Fred Franz ?

    And who is the one behind Russell ?

    Funny how the ladies are all in the background, kind of hidden by the males...

  • zenpunk

    Yikes! That's kind of scary!

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Yeah if someone has a scanner I would like to see this picture. Just the thought of it makes me ill.

  • Celia

    No scanner here, unfortunately.

    Hey guys, don't you own that brochure ? Just ask for it next time they come to your door !

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    How old is it? I maybe able to get a copy from my mom.

  • Liberated

    Yep, that's them. I thought it rather amusing when I first saw it.

    I don't know who is behind Russell, might not have been intended to be anyone we know.

    I can see if my daughter will scan it in once I find it, but someone else probably will before then.

    Also, did you notice how much Satan looks like Billy Graham in the Trinity brochure?


  • Celia

    It says : 1985, 1993 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania

    All Rights Reserved

  • Francois

    A thousand years with those guys? I'd rather be dead.

  • LB

    So the sisters all wearing dresses as usual???

  • Elsewhere

    Don't spoil it for me LB! I've got a picture in my head of them all in Hot Pants and Belly Tank Tops holding leather whips.

    Yeah baby! I've been VERY bad!

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