My illustration web site is finally done.

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  • Beck_Melbourne


    I'm simply stunned at your work...impressive is to say the least.

    I particularly liked the Anthony Hopkins Instinct image...only because I love him as an actor...but the Trent D'Arby image with the pyramid is awesome. Brilliant stuff.

    Thanks for sharing that with us.


  • myself


    Wow, your work is awesome. I especially like the train. I hope you are able to find enough work to allow you to stay in the Seattle area where you are happier. With such impressive clients, I am suprised that you aren't able to find enough work allowing you to remain there.


  • seven006


    It's been a couple of years since the movie Instinct came out but if you saw the movie advertised in the Australian News papers when it came out you saw my work. My design firm did those as well as the movie posters (called one sheets). They didn't buy into the comps we did for the American market but they went for the Australian ones we did. If you go into a video store and see any VHS or DVD package for an MGM movie title there is a 30% chance we did that one too.

    Those were the good old days.

    After 911 everyone got scared of anything that they couldn't see or touch in person. The studios all of a sudden didn't like the idea of working with a firm from Portland and didn't what to fly their people up here or have us fly down to them.

    Entertainment people are the biggest weenies on the planet.

    I live about a mile from Nike's world headquarters but I did most of my Nike work through their ad agency, Their agency paid their bills about once every three to four months. I had to tell them to take a hike. Microsoft isn't much better. Adidas pays quicker but they complain about the budget too much. It isn't an easy market to try and make a living in. If it wasn't for my kids living up here Id move back to Laguna Beach in a second. The movie studios don't care how much they pay as long as it is good and they can get it over night. I'm getting too old to keep doing all nighters anymore.


  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond


    I have to say I am very impressed! You are very talented!

  • mevirginia


    I am going to have to head back down to LA to work and live and eventually blow my brains out with a super soaker.


    I am going to have to head back down to LA to work and live and eventually blow my brains out with a super soaker.
  • BugParadise

    Wow! Now that's Impressive!

  • RubyTuesday

    Very Very nice!! I would model for you in a heartbeat(used to model bikinis)

  • seven006

    Lost Diamond,

    Thanks, it's better than working for a living.


    Iv lived in Laguna beach before (no, I'm not gay) and except for a few of the beach cities I wouldn't want to live in So.Cal again. Too many crazy people. Plmcrzy lives down there, that should tell you something.



    Posing for an artist is a lot harder than posing for a camera, you have to stay still for quite a while. I will keep your offer in mind for when I start painting again. Do you get cold easily?


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  • Scott77

    Hi Dave,

    Your site is not working..


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