My illustration web site is finally done.

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  • seven006


    The Bio link is not linked to anything because I haven't written a Bio yet. There is nothing harder than trying to write about yourself and not try and sound like an arrogant jerk. I figured my client list along with the work would give people a clue. I hate writing about myself.

    Ugg,Thanks, Im not as proud as I am fortunate, I was born with this talent and am completely self taught. Sometimes I wish I was born with something else. Advertising and media are a tough industries to try and stay sane in.


    Once I start painting again I'll send you a link to my fine art site. There will be some nudes. I know you will like that. To me it's all just art. Trust me!

    HS,Sumptuous? It's just art, it doesn't have any breast. I knew you were a closet perv, must be why I like you.



    Hey Dave,I`d love to see your paintings.Nudes?That will do..LOL...OUTLAW

  • SYN

    Some nice work there Dave!

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Wayyyyyy Cooooooooolllllll!

  • Solace

    Dave, so beautiful, I really like how you incorporate classic art and paintings into your work.

    RANDY.... So good to see you. I love the church door image and your message behind it. I hope you know how meaningful and appreciated all of your work is. Big thanks!

  • lauralisa

    Whoa, Dave,

    Beautiful, awesome, fabulous, and breathtaking!!!

    3-D illustrators completely rock !!!!! (I live with one!)

    Seriously... your page is wonderful. Thanks for letting us see.


  • Farkel


    As much as it pisses me off to admit it, you are a brilliantly gifted artist. Thanks again for the illustration you did for my friend.

    I'll give you a call when you are in your next good mood: say around next Mayl?


  • FreeFallin


    Your work is just incredible. I envy you your talent.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Wow you have some great work there.

    One problem I had though was that I could not read what the links said - place between the little arrows - that is if there is something there to read. If there is text there it was too dark and blended into the background. I know my screen sees pages darker than my laptop or my husbands computer. It is set on the lightest settings. Even still if there is text there it might be helpful to either lighten it or have a roll over - Just a thought

    On the other hand if there is no text - just ignore me

  • seven006

    Once I start painting again I'll send you a few proofs, my fine art smokes my commercial stuff. It might be a little harder to find models to pose for me, I'm not getting any younger. Now they'd probably want me to pay them.


    Double Edge,
    Wayyyyy thanks.

    I love the art of the Renaissance. I try to mix it in whenever I can. I use to paint in that style many years ago, then I realized that if someone could tell what the painting was of, it didn't sell. Commercial illustration lets me do what I want to do. Fine art is a little to merchandised right now.


    So your marrying an illustrator? You do know we are all crazy don't you. We can be creative though, I'm sure you know what I mean. Our little minds are always coming up with something unique.

    We are friends, we have talked a lot about the suffering we both have had to endure in our lives. Me with my incredibly bad family situation growing up with sex sisters and only one bathroom and you, an ugly woman trapped in an even uglier mans old decrypted body. Some of it is more devastating and heart wrenching than anything that has ever been posted on this board. We keep it to ourselves and only hope that once in a great while, for just a few moments, and by the grace of god a tiny grain of happiness falls upon us in our trauma ridden lives. Watching you, feeling, like you have to say something nice to me, is the happiest moment of my entire life. I hear angels sing and doves cry while the heavens open up with bright and glorious rays of light from the beaming sun. I have always wondered why I was given this talent, now I know, it was for this moment and this moment alone.

    I can die now and go to my grave knowing that my life's purpose has been fulfilled. I made you say something nice to me and it killed you, alas, there is a god!

    Thanks, that was nice of you to say.

    Thanks for your comments. I will trash the whole site and start over. Just kidding. The client base I did the site for has monitors that will see the letters fairly well. I just let you guys see it before they did cuz I like you guys a lot more than my clients.


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