Did you experience favouritism at meetings?

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  • imanaliento

    At ours, there were a lot of relatives, glad my boys didn't make any true friendships, Also if you are a huge football fan for the state and could put out the catered parties they really loved you.

  • bigfloppydog

    I definately noticed favouritism.

    1. for the PO, CO the big wigs

    2. There was a few talks about people always sitting with the same people all the time, and that we should venture out and mix among the crowd, that lasted about 2 weeks, then everything went back to the norm.

    3. Parties, only certain people were invited.

    Soooo glad I am no part of that anymore.

  • guanash

    In 1998 there was an international district convention in San Diego.
    The ones that wanted to apply had to fill in a form and have a meeting with the elders. There were so many os us that only pioneers, Bethelites and elders withe their familiees were approved for going.
    That's OK with me, I thought. They have to have some selection criteria if they have to choose among so many people.
    Now, my best friend (who is still a pioneer and I love her very much and miss her a lot) was allowed to go. What shocked me at the moment was that she showed me a form that the elders of her congregation were supposed to fill. That form came directly from the regional branch and I think that she had it because the elders of her congregation were dumb enaugh to let her have it, they gave her ALL the papers thay came from the branch.

    This form asked information to the elders about the individual who was applying, and it stablished a score for the publisher in question from A to D, based on hours in the service, and so on. many of the things very subjective, as how the elders considered the spiritually level of the individual. Now, you better be on good terms with this loving sheppers or they would screw you!

    That was amazing!!! Isn't it unbelievable?

    If some "apostate" had told me about it then, I wouldn't have believed it, but I saw it with my own eyes.
    And I remember being disgusted at first but then trying to brainwash myself trying to think that it was right, that if the organization worked like that, then it must be fine.

    So, my conclusion is that this favoritism is not jut a "human mistake", undesirable and discouraged from the upper levels (the really "apiritual ones"), but that it is indeed encouraged from the upper levels and so on.

    At last I am glad that I am still young and free from all that fariseism.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    My preteen years the majority of the congregation were all poor, so many stuck together just for sake of feeding the kids, and elderly. In my teen years we moved to a "better" area of town so being the poor family left us out of alot of 'socialization."

    I remember my mom being very upset because the elders told her they would no longer hold the bookstudy in our home because it was, basically, a poor person's home. Anyone else remember those plastic curtains?...anyhow, I think even in my naive state of mind, that whole thing pissed me off. My mom worked her arse off cleaning house each Tuesday, but poor was unacceptable.

    Hey, I'm glad to be the black sheep of the family. At least I don't have to tolerate such bold faced, hypocritical, mean spirited and ignorant arses any longer. After a year on exJW forums I'd really like some of those folks to come ring my door bell.


  • haujobbz


    Glad to see you being positive on leaving the jw cult, but you are right about choosing ones according to there spiritual status.

    Think about it you have to baptised to hold the mike in the hall and pass it to those putting there hand up huh!!!!!

    Also a good point you mentioned is when you said favouritism is encouraged from those at the top, i totally agree.

    RE:granny linda

    Plastic curtains thats funny LOL!!!!!!!!

    Poor persons home theres no such thing (no i know what your saying) wonder what jesus would have to say!!

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