Did you experience favouritism at meetings?

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  • minimus

    What's the matter HO ? You weren't feelin' any love? ....lol

  • NeonMadman
    They talk about what a wonderful place the new world is going to be but who wants to live in a world with a bunch of snobs?I'd rather die now if that's the case.

    Reminds me of a comedian I heard once:

    "Two Jehovah's Witnesses came to my door the other day and tried to convert me. They asked, 'But, sir, don't you want to live forever?' I said, 'Not if it has to be with a bunch of Jehovah's Witnesses."

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    I lived up North most of my life (Ct.) I was guilty of being cliqueish. I had been real tight with an Elder for 20 years. He had alot of parties that only those who drank and partyed heavily and kept it quiet would be invited too. He had moved South and after my divorce I decided to go South as well. They made a major deal of finding me the new "Ideal Mate". He and his family were always introducing me to pioneers. My answer was always, "I tried being married to a pioneer for 20 years, never again". They brought one pioneer over for diner and invited me. Tink was also invited because she was friends with this pioneer. Tink was just newly re-instated and they were very strongly against me having interest in her. Guess who I ended up marrying..LOL.

    The Elder tried to explain that the other sister was "well connected with a strong family in the truth, with everyone being a pioneer, elder, or MS". That's all I heard for months. Who you know, what "status they have in the Cong....blah, blah, blah.

    After Tink and I were married, we were left out of gatherings, after meeting meet-ups at restaurants, and parts on meetings. This was the beginning of the end. I never realized how bad it was while being involved with them until I stepped back into reality.

    We sure are happy now!


  • Amazing

    This is tyical social behavour that JWs have only been able to pay lip-service. They are as "worldly" as the world they condemn, unable to escape its gravity. I saw "cliques", some were worse than others, and at times I found myself involved in "cliques" ... not realizing how I got there ... it is human nature.

    I think sometimes, the problem with religion, whether Christian or not, is that they try to achieve some kind of ideal that is inconsistent with being human, and as a result, they become far worse than normal human behavour ... whereas, I think spiritual people are more inclined to work with human nature, and achieve something far better ... I think Jesus Christ was of this latter type. So well studied, and so completely misunderstood.

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  • haujobbz

    RE:dizzy cat

    I totally agree again because i was 99% faithful to the watchtower i would never have copied anything,but i will admit i did have a copy of win98 but then bought the original version for 135.00 (im mad!!!)

    I just didnt want to be a hypocrite and lead a double life i thought whats the point in that.

    Although last year i was doing the attendance at the assembly and what i witnessed was horrifiying ill list what i witnessed

    1.No helping single mothers or assisting them with their kids.

    2.A women fell down concrete steps and no one bothered to assist.

    3.Women with kids coming in late and people just tutting.

    4.I saw one sister with family looking for seats due to coming in late and the only seats available were in the rain so guess what no one offered up there seats and the sister had to sit in the rain.

    5.Again another sister with 1 baby girl couldnt find seats so had to sit outside the assembly on concrete steps with baby crying and no one helped,and now due to finding out she is no longer in the jws and is now smoking,pregnant (father ran off ),and she left due to being totally disgusted by the lack ogf genuine christian love.

    6.You see the problem was the people were like robots just in absolute fixation on the public talks nothing else mattered,i mean nothing except listening and taking notes.

  • Wolfgirl
    even a sister gave a glass of water to a coughing circuit.overseer

    Sisters in our halls were not deemed worthy of doing this. Only brothers were allowed to do it.

    I witnessed and experienced it all the time.

  • sleepy


    There was one brother in my hall who tried to get in with all the elders by selling them computers.

  • haujobbz

    RE: sleepy

    I wonder who that was?

    Do you know where i can get some ray lumley monoblock valve amps from ive been lookin onthe net but cant find any. :(

    I just wish i had kept my ray lumley valve amps i had b4 they weighed 40kg each finished in solid blue marble.

    Do you regret any thing you sold and wonder y u sold it.

    Also i remember selling my acoustic research pre-amp sp9!!

    Why why why

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