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  • Shutterbug

    After 1975 came and went, we heard every excuse in the books as to why we didn't get what was promised and talked about for years, "Jehovah has given us a little more time," "we did not agree to serve Jehovah until a certain date, we agereed to serve him forever," "Jehovah is testing us," "Jehovah has given others this opportunity." These quotes may not be exact, but I heard every one of them and more. What a scam !!

  • minimus

    RENEWING THE SPIRIT OF SELF-SACRAFICE......."Jesus encouraged his disciples to be self-sacraficing...What are some ways this is being done by Jesus' disciples today? 1--Sacraficing one's position in the business community by being identified as one of Jehovah's Witnesses 2--Giving up time for meetings and service that could be spent in recreational or materialistic pursuits 3--Entering full-time service 4--Giving up certain worldly entertainment, music, careers 5--Willing to suffer imprisonment 6--Prepared to obey Jehovah's word even if it should incur death. In view of the Bible's encouragement for Christians to be self-sacraficing, ask yourself: 'Am I a self-sacraficing person?'"

  • Satanus

    Self sacrifice is a form of self destruction. I'm sure glad i moved out of that mentality. I feel like i'm only just starting to live. A little late, but not too late.


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