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  • minimus

    The public talk ACQUIRING A HEART OF WISDOM said,"We should not make an issue of viewpoint matters. Congregation not infallible. Truth flows progressively. Dates have always been of interest. In enthusiasm for the kingdom, God's people have from time to time proved premature in their expectations. These viewpoints cause two reactions involving the heart. Selfish ones felt that time to taste the world was short; borrowed money; reasoned they would not have to pay back. These became spiritually sick, disgruntled,hearts not acquiring wisdom. Those with right heart saw opportunity to buy out the time; saw that they could increase share in sacred service. These have no regrets with regard to treasured experiences and "letters of recommendation" from using time and money for theocratic pursuits.....Jehovah permits pressures to teach us patience, humility, loyalty, dependence on him and to prove what is in their hearts"................So you see, it was NEVER THE ORGANIZATION that was wrong. It was YOU!!!

  • Satanus


    Thanks for sharing that. We don't see too many quotes from public talk outlines. Do you have more of these? What do you think of making them generally available for research?


  • minimus

    I plan on posting some excerpts that are somewhat interesting,especially talks that I've given before.

  • Swan

    Very interesting, Minimus. Thank you.

  • jaded

    Sad isn't it? When we were "in" we really did believe that it was us that had the problem. We don't realize that it isn't us until we get out and start to think for ourselves again.

  • minimus

    I wonder how many speakers like me would dilute those words or say them without really believing the rhetoric?

  • Pistoff

    I don't think I could have covered that one, i would have gagged.
    The other day the conductor asked how many had been baptized since 75; many raised their hand and then he puked out platitudes about how Jehovah allowed all those to come in by his patience, totally deflecting the fact that if the society had had their way not one of em would have been baptized but instead nuked at the great trib.

    How did we ever swallow that tripe?

  • heathen

    good post minimus . Although I can agree that borrowing money that you don't want to pay back only cause you think the world is dying is a pretty stupid idea.I do have to say though they need to own up to the false anticpation that they portrayed of the world ending on specific dates .The bible does say noone knows the day or hour of the son of mans return and they should have stuck with that..This is typical human behavior of taking credit for the good and blaming everyone else for the bad.

  • minimus

    "selfish ones" borrowed from the system that was going to end and had to dearly pay the price for it. I think the Society will take a few examples of a handful of disgruntled ones and make it sound that anybody that became disappointed because of 1975 were in the same category. That way they can manipulate you subtlely and you can feel guilty for ever misunderstanding the "faithful slave".

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    First among the plethora of things wrong with the current Public Talk series is the sad fact that they're long ceased to be Public Talks; as the WTBTS turns inward, these lectures have mutated into what we used to call ``service talks'' of the type that visitng Bethel speakers used to deliver to the congregation on Saturday nights.

    They eschew the subjects of general interest or tradtional doctrine (indepth considerations of Trinity, Hellfire, etc.) and are laced with esoteric insider ``theocratic'' jargon that would baffle any hapless member of the general public that would accept their invitation to sit in. Speakers these days are as likely to make their point by citing Watchtower bound volume, date, year and page than they are to read from teh Bible.

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