Keep Sirona in your thoughts, Surgery today

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  • Simon

    Thanks for letting us know and sorry you're still hanging on to know where you stand.

    Hoping for good news for you

  • Fe2O3Girl

    Hi Sirona

    I am glad everything went OK, I hope your nose has recovered now. :o)

    If you are meeting up with anyone soon, I would like to come along. It feels like years since I last saw you. (Oh yeah, it is years since I last saw you......)

    Are you still moving house?

    Take care xxx

  • outnfree

    Hi, ((((((Sirona)))))))

    Thanks for the update. We will be sure to keep those positive thoughts heading in your direction so that you can endure (lol) until the 29th! Not knowing is hard, I'm sure...



  • BeautifulGarbage


    *yikes* at the tube up the nose thing!

    Thanks for updating us.

    Take care,


  • ApagaLaLuz

    Hey girl!!!

    Glad you're back around! I had the tube through teh nose thing done earlier this year when I went to the hospital for my ulcer. THE WORST THING EVER!!!! I screamed and cried like a baby. i had a bloody nose for the next hour.....

    But I'm glad our happy thoughts worked for ya. Hope to talk to you soon.


  • Sirona

    Fe203grl: yes I'm still moving house. They've asked that I sign the contract - so I put them off until the Monday after my results. I don't want to sign then find out I'm going having lots of treatments!!!!

    Its part of why I'm really stressed out, because all I want is to get my nice new house and settle in and be happy. I really hope that my results are good news....

    Thanks everyone else for adding your comments to this thread....(((hugs))) nose didn't bleed but it was a bit nasty! (BTW he is going to do it again on my followup appt)


  • onacruse

    Just heading out the door to work.....wanted to say


  • TruckerGB


    Ive been away for a couple of weeks and am rather out of touch as to what has been happening,i started to read this thread and thought 'oh no',and then found you where home.Thank goodness.

    You are in my thoughts. Rich.

  • patio34

    (((( Sirona)))))) Unless you don't want to be hugged--We have a Brit at work who goes "ice cube" if one would dare to try to hug her! But you know the sentiments.

    I'm sorry you have to go through all this--again. Being a cancer survivor, I know how I'd feel!

    The only good thing is the docs keep such close tabs on you and take everything very seriously if you've had cancer. One man told me that if you have a hangnail, they're going to check for cancer!

    All the best,


  • jack2

    Best wishes Sirona, great hearing from you again! Here's to result #1.....we're waiting, and wishing, and hoping, and praying.

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