WHY Society banned smoking

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  • Dismembered

    druggery, more mind control, demons etc. And issa dirty habit. We kleen people not like the da bad

    worldly ones.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    I see nothing wrong with the WTBTS condemning smoking; that it's a killer of thousands is beyond debate; what I object to is their policy of summarily DFing the offenders. I think they had it just about right in the past;i.e. consider the offending party as weak spiritually, not exemplary and therefore disqualified to represent the congregation, but someone to support on any effort taken to rid him/herself of the addiction.

  • Englishman

    My parents were converted in '54, and my Dad quit smoking about a year after he was baptised.

    Not smoking was just a mark of maturity in the UK back then. When I went to America in '58, a Congregation Servant (PO) aboard ship would trake the days text and then light up, he was one of the German contingent who still smoked.


  • mevirginia
    support on any effort taken to rid him/herself of the addiction.


    Giving support and helping a brother or sister kick the habit?

    YEHRIGHT! A definite cold day in hell will that be.

    Even if one asked for help all one would get is "PRAY MORE, Now excuse me I have to go out in service, sorry you can't go along"........ caugh

  • worldly girl
    worldly girl

    Maybe I'm wrong here, but Jehovah or as I like to refer to him.. GOD didn't tell us in the bible that not smoking was one of the 10 commandments did he? Just checking... IMO if someone wants to smoke, let them smoke.... It is between that individual and GOD in the end, so let them answer to GOD for their actions. I don't think those 12 little old guys have the right to tear apart families, by disfellowshipping a person for smoking. OH THAT'S RIGHT, they have GOD's cell phone number and they have worked out all these pesky little details on the rules.... LMAO



  • minimus

    SMOKING IS A FORM OF SPIRITISM.......that IS the original reason why you could not smoke. It was a way of being contacted by the demons through druggery.

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