Nevermind. I'm out of here.

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  • Mimilly

    I'm outa here. I need a break. All the bloody infighting and then I'm attacked for asking Simon to move something that I knew was harmful to someone who was abused.

    I logged onto this site this morning and found this bullshit waiting for me. As if I run to Simon like a crybaby.

    For those WHO GIVE A S..T - I had every reason to ask for this to be moved due to the FACT that there was ritualism involved in my own abuse. There! Happy now?


    I'll be back whenever I'm back. I'm tired. I'm really really tired.


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  • SixofNine


    Honestly Mimilly, I don't mean to minimize, but that is a World Wide Web publication of a news article, placed in a Public forum on the World Wide Web.

    I think the person that might be triggered by such, will just have to read the headline, and decide not to read further. And if the headline gets them, then they will need to get more help to deal with that admittedly horrible situation in their lives.

    There is after all, a much bigger problem with secrecy and a *hush hush* attitude about any form of abuse, than there is with talking about it out in the open. These especially secretive types of abuse, "live" specifically because people keep them hush hush, secret, spooky.

    A sick crazy person did a sick, crazy, evil thing, because of his worthless religious beliefs and because of greed. Worth discussing, I'd say.

  • outnfree

    Mimilly, honey,

    I chose not to read the article, and I'm not even an abuse victim. I just thought it sounded too upsetting for me to take in my present emotional state.

    Please take care of yourself and STAY AWAY from upsetting information.



  • LuckyLucy

    i agree with six..the guy did give us a warning...lets not run to Simon about every little thing..having flash backs of JWs that went to the elders about every little thing

  • seawolf

    sorry...I moved it . I tried to move the entire thread but it wouldn't let me.

    anyway, I was going to put it in the adults section to begin with but this article seems almost tame (at least to me) compared to some of the stuff that's been posted in here lately.

    apologies to anyone that was bothered by it.

  • seawolf
    A sick crazy person did a sick, crazy, evil thing, because of his worthless religious beliefs and because of greed. Worth discussing, I'd say.

    exactly, six. Had it been just an article without any sort of religious aspect I wouldn't have posted it at With the relgious aspect to it I thought some people here might want to see it......

  • Mimilly

    sigh. sixofnine you DID minimize. sigh. sigh.

    LL I don't run to Simon with everything.

    Seawolf Thank you for caring hon. Anyone who has been abused knows what I'm talking about. I am NOT going to waste my heart trying to explain it to 'sigh' and 'run to Simon with everything'

    This site is not put into sections for nothing.

    Outnfree I didn't read it. Didn't have to to be triggered - he explained some of it.


  • Dismembered

    Mimilly don't leave, please come back

  • SixofNine

    Mimmilly, sorry this has you feeling bad. I was aware that you were a victim of ritual abuse in your past as I'd seen you mention it previously.

    And you caught me, I did minimize a bit. For that matter, anytime anyone starts a sentence with "I don't mean to minimize.." I guess they are about to minimize at least enough to make a point. I'm sure the *sighing* looks a bit condecending, but honestly, it is exactly what I felt at the moment.

    I do however, remain committed to the idea that freely talking about such things, as a society, takes away the (assumed) power of the ritualist. And that is of upmost benifit to victims, and just as importantly, future potential victims. I do understand that some people have to be very careful about where they tread, what they read, and the context of those things.

    I hope you won't stay gone too long, you are a gentle presence here. Unlike me

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  • Angharad

    Sorry (((((mimilly))))), please come back soon.

    I moved the entire thread this morning.


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