Jackie Chan Fans

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  • LuckyLucy

    My bf and i just watched "The Accidental Spy" on DVD.It was GREAT!!Just when you think he can't get any better!!

    What is your all time favorite??

  • Mulan

    Shanghai Noon.

    I also loved Supercop, because it was shot in Malaysia. It was so corny, but I loved it.

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    There's a new Jackie Chan movie coming out called "The Tuxedo". Full of typical Jackie stunts.

    I love a lot of his old stuff. My favorite old Jackie Chan movie is Shaolin Wooden Soldiers. The bad guy had the best name. "Phut Yu".

    "Hmmm must have been Phut Yu and his men". Cracks me up every time.

  • Crystal

    Drunken Master...the old one.

  • Beast

    I love all of his older stuff for the corny humor,and how his characters never took themselves seriously.That's the thing I like best about Jacky Chan movies.The humor.

    Snake and Crane Arts of the Shaolin is a favorite for old school kung fu action.Jacky beats up the Wu Tang Clan :D

    Of course I also enjoy the jaw dropping stunts in his later movies,as well.

  • Cicatrix

    I love the movie where he goes out west to save Princess Pei Pei (sp?),but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it right now!

    I also like Drunken Master.

  • Witch Child
    Witch Child

    I love Jackie Chan. He is one of those people I have "adopted" as my child. (even though he's a lot older than I am.) I feel compelled to worry about him. He is such a nut! But it makes for great cinema.

    One of my other favorite people is Steve Irwin. It is hard to believe that one guy could get SO MANY people interested in conserving wildlife.. and non-cuddly wildlife for the most part.

    I could just HUG these two big teddy bears. :)


  • Mulan

    Cicatrix, that is Shanghai Noon. Jackie plays John Wan (John Wayne). I loved it too.

  • LB

    I saw previews of the sequel to Shanghai Noon yesterday at the theater. Looks funny and Jackie Chan and Owen whatshisname are in the UK tormenting palace guards among others.

  • Swan

    Shanghai Noon is probably my favorite, but I also liked Who Am I? an afwul lot. Very funny! Amazing stunts! His running down the side of a skyscraper was absolutely insane!


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