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  • sf

    Hey, it's The Glick Boyz outta New Yawk. How ARE those Pants staying UP? Bet TED and SLICKDICK are a Huge Help...hahahah
    Hey Jesse, [

    sKally, Kovert operations Klass

  • sf

    By: Chief Engineer dang :

    " Well, StarJazz is of course correct... but the origin of Iago's comment, in turn, was a very sober and serious colloquium on the subject of pants, held at my apartment on Friday night."

    Commander Swidok
    " No, I have seen that post . It was an insignificant spinoff of a general conversation about pants at the Zone reunion in New York. I meant the origin of that conversation."

    sKally, just killin' time, klass

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ
    It's people like you that made me decide to buy nothing but brown furniture! LOL

    Yeah but it'll still smell funky!

    For those of you who are wondering who I am, try reading the bible. On the other hand, don't bother, that book makes no sense. I'm the son of god. As for who I use to type this stuff out for me, I'm really truly suprised nobody has been able to guess it yet. Reread some of my posts. I've thrown in hints at various places. Some are more direct than others but I would have sworn that someone would have figured it out by now. I was really dropping some big ones in chat the other night that combined with various nonreligous posts I've made should be more than enough to point in the right direction. Oddly enough, noone has even come close yet.

  • Beck_Melbourne


    That was funny...just the thought of a naked unwiped hairy bum trying to inoffensively sit on a chair covered in crack me up.

    Jesus you have always used wonderful illustrations...this one was by far the most amusing.

    Now in MY house, I wear the you can come over anytime...*says Beck as she gets out rolls of plastic sheeting*

  • plmkrzy

    hmmm...who would be the Judge in That lawsuit?

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