Is The World On Notice Due to WTBS?

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  • Dismembered

    What is anyones opinion. Do you think the world has been put on notice with the flymsy pages of the Watchtower & Awake magazines, and the door to door ministry?

    Dismembered but not Dismembered

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  • blondie

    No, JWs rarely get past the first sentence at the door assuming they find someone home.

    Those who hear about JWs by word of mouth will say that JWs don't take blood transfusions, don't celebrate birthdays and Christmas, and don't salute the flag or join the military.

    I have yet to have someone say that JWs preach that the kingdom is established in the heavens since 1914 and that the wicked on earth will soon be destroyed.

  • minimus

    the only thing the world notices is that JW's are bothering them less because they are dropping like flies.

  • jgnat

    The WTS reminds me of:

    But whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like unto children sitting in the marketplaces, who call unto their fellows and say, We piped unto you, and ye did not dance; we wailed, and ye did not mourn. (Matthew 11:16-17 ASV)

    The rest of the world has been duly warned; if we do not dance to their piper's tune, dire things will happen to us.

  • Dismembered

    Touche Min

  • SYN

    Not even 1% of the population of the world knows the true "message" of the Dubs. Therefore the end is still VERY far away at their current rate of growth. What a relief

  • neyank

    The message the JWs teach is: " If you're not apart of the WTs you will suffer a severe and catastrofic (spl?) ending."

    I can't quote the articles from the mags., but I'm sure others have them.

    Isn't that the message that we've taught at the doors?

    Somehow, I don't think the world has been put on notice with that message.


  • Bang

    On notice that evil does actually exist.

  • Dismembered

    Neyank, Yes that is the message alright. But isn't it interesting that the Dubs think they have put the world on notice. Realistically though they are out of their minds.

    Dismembered but not Dismembered

  • minimus

    what does dismembered but not dismembered mean?

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