Describe your emotions with respect to Dolphins???

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  • joannadandy
    Dolphins are cool. We murder them daily, and yet you don't hear about dolphins attacking people, even though they could easily kill a person if they wanted to.

    SYN did you see that Simpsons episode? The Dolphins come on land and beat the crap out of everyone and take the earth over, forcing humans to return to the sea.

    I am honestly not that impressed by dolphins. I used to be quite taken with them, but now I find them tremendously over rated. I'm all about Tigers now...

  • heathen

    Dolphins are definately one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet .I thoroughly enjoyed a trip to sea world in houston where they train dolphins for the space shuttle ,lol . Dolphins appear to be more intelligent than most people I've met it's uncanny. If a dolphin could talk to humans they would probly say something like please don't eat me, But if there are more dolphins than usual washing up ashore it is probly cause the fishing industry ,they get caught in the nets and drown. If I were a dolphin I would definately sign up for a tour with sea world .

  • Valis

    They have always been considered sign of good luck be sailors too. Just thought I would throw that in.

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    District Overbeer

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  • joeshmoe
    Plus if dolphins could communicate with us quite freely, what do you think they might have to say?

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

  • gravedancer


    There is simply no porpoise to this thread....

  • libra_spirit

    Dolphins and porpoise are really neat. I have had them swim right along at the bow of my boat, they keep up at 11 knots. You gaze down through the water at them and they tilt thier heads and gaze back up at you. It is awesome to see them in thier enviornment.

    However they are wild animals, despite the depiction of hollywood and miss informed enviornmentalists. They are not all trained performers like at sea world. They are a player in the food chain, they do eat other fish, they are not veggie heads. I think if they evolve some arms, legs, and hands in about a million years they will be able to compete with man. Untill that happens, I shall just sit back and enjoy thier company on that rare occation when I encounter them in the wild.

    There has been a lot of work claiming that they use telepathy particularly in healing and soothing the injured and sick. And even a few people out there claiming they have great psychic powers and are in communication with off world aliens already.........who knows.

    Thier sonar is amazing, who knows the depth of thier perception. Sound penetrates all objects differently allowing a dolphin to actually see inside something in the water. So maybe they are really perceptive creatures, however it seems like if they were so smart and if they really had a launguage we would be talking to them by now, rather then still training them like dogs. Dogs are pretty smart too, and a whole lot more fun to pet....LOL!

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  • jack2

    bboy, that was great!

    Dolphins - adorable creatures, I've always liked them.

    Miami Dolphins - that's a different story.

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