Describe your emotions with respect to Dolphins???

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  • Celtic

    Dolphins, beautiful creatures, have you ever seen one, swam with them or tried communicating with them? What relationship do you have or ideally would like to have with dolphins? Plus if dolphins could communicate with us quite freely, what do you think they might have to say? What might they say about the state of the earth's oceans and seas?

    If you were to come back as a reincarnated dolphin, what do you think you might like and how would you swim, amongst which scenery?

    A sadder note. Many dolphins here get washed up on the shore, I found one at the beginning of spring. What do you think accounts for the increased numbers in shored up, stranded, dolphins and whales?

    Celtic Mark - Cornwall UK

  • Valis

    Celty...I think a lot of it is due to changes in the climate and also the increased use of all kinds of low frequency sonar devices by commercial and millitary vessels.


    District Overbeer of the "dolphin free tuna"class

  • Celtic

    Spot on answer Valis, I'm proud of you, well done, got it right in my esteemed opinion first time, your answer to the final question, anyone else like to proffer theories and or be more imaginative and creative with respect to the former questions?

  • LuckyLucy

    I love them!!!!Humans are so distructive, all for the love of money!

  • bboyneko

    Dolphins are evil! They eat children! Look at this eyewitness photo of a dolphin just as it snaps up a halpless little girl...the brave man is trying to save her but its no use, she will become dolphin lunch just like all the other little children.

  • Sentinel

    For me, Dolphins are the angels of the ocean.

    They are gentle and independent. I have always felt a connection with them.

    In my dreams, I swim with Dolphins and Whales with no fear.

    Their eyes speak a thousand words--so loving and knowing.

    Perhaps they are wiser than we can humanly understand...


  • SYN

    Dolphins are cool. We murder them daily, and yet you don't hear about dolphins attacking people, even though they could easily kill a person if they wanted to.

  • dubla

    the dolphins are awesome....especially with ricky williams in the backfield this year.......they finally have a back!! fiedler looks a little rusty coming back from surgery, but i think he will be just fine come time for regular season. the only thing that really worries me is the run really fell off at the end of last year, and they havent stopped anyone in their first two preseason games. if they get that corrected, look out.


  • Francois


    Intelligent, playful, helpful, very large brains, perhaps they are the next species of "human" to evolve out of the oceans.

    Nothing would induce me to hurt one of these creatures. Nothing.


  • Farkel

    I truly believe that dolphins and whales are sentient creatures.


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