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  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    OMG, FRANK!!!

    I can't wait for the day when I get off this planet and get on with my cosmic career. I don't wanna be here any more. - francois

    i say and feel the same thing a LOT. people don't understand - they think that means you are suicidal. it's the farthest thing from it! every time i see those shots from the hubble, those star nurseries, i want to be there, floating not just as a spectator but being iside all that starstuff, becoming it... and i think that happens when you die, you are finally free from your earthly bonds... i think this when i hear "the reaper" by blue oyster cult. to me, it's a happy song...

    ~incense who people think is crazy but oh well

  • openminded

    I would have told my parents at age 10 to find some other kid's life to fuck with and went ahead and joined the football team. om

  • Mulan

    I can't say I wish we hadn't been JW's, because I would never have met my husband, or had my children.

    So, having said that, to answer the question:
    I wish my brother's wife and baby hadn't died in 1977, from childbirth complications. My brother wouldn't have done so many irresponsible things for several years, and the girls would have their mother still, and a brother too.

    If I could choose one more thing, I would:
    Let my extremely talented son play sports. He is 6'5" and excels in all sports. He begged us to let him play little league baseball, soccer and anything else. Basketball was a special favorite, but now it's softball. He has a little son now, and he will do it all, as he seems to have inherited the talent.

  • outnfree

    I wish my nephew wouldn't have died at age 2, driving my sister into the arms of her eventual abuser and to her death at age 43. If Michael hadn't died, I like to think she would have woken up to what a schmuck Johnnie was, have made other life choices which would have helped Michael's surviving brother and on and on... There seems to be a whole LOT that would have been different had Michael lived. RIP little guy!

  • CariocaGirl

    My one and only wish would be to see my brother once again and tell him how much I love him and how much I admire him. Honest man, with so much integrity. He was shy and quiet but an excellent judge of character. His name was David and he died November 3rd, 1992 from a stray bullet (a freak accident really). He was only 25 when he died. He lived in Brazil and I was already in Seattle and could not go home for the funeral. I got there about a month after the fact.

    Weird thing not to be able to say your good byes, it feelt like it never really happened. Left me feeling empty, sort of, like one day he just vanished. I miss him so much, still do and for the longest time was not ready to let him go. His death is a major bench mark in my life and I can never be the carefree and happy person I was before.


    I do thank God for giving me the honor to call him my brother. He lived his brief life well and touched many lives.

    Please don't hold back from the ones you love. Let them know how much you care and how much you appreciate them in your life.



  • Mary

    I would wish that I could go back in time to the age of 17 and live my life again, knowing what I know now.

  • DakotaRed

    Shutterbug, thanks. But not to worry about me going off anywhere. Anymore, it takes all I can do to get out of bed and go to work, LOL

    Lew W

  • joannadandy

    When I was in third grade my dance teacher moved to another small town. My mom told me she could take me if I really really wanted to go, and then told me about how hard it would be, how much gas it would waste, how much it would interfere with everyone elses schedules, and how expensive the lessons and recitle costumes were, so I had better really love it if I wanted to continue.

    I did really love it, ballet was my life, I was convinced I was gonna be a ballarina when I grew up...(being I am only 5-4, probably wouldn't have happened anyway-hahaha!), I had ballarina barbie, toe shoes painted on my walls, I came home and practiced all the damn time even when I didn't have a routine to do, just to be dancing, I only wanted to watch Ballet related movies, cartoons, shows, etc. However, after her totally negative attitude, I decided I would be too much of an inconvience on everyone and with a non-chalant attitude said "nah, I don't need to do it-it's not that big a deal"

    Am I blaming my mom. Kind of. I mean it was my choice, and I wasn't totally honest with her about my feelings, I could have said, "hell yeah ma, you're gonna take me to dance class and you'll like it!" But as an 8 year old, I didn't have that courage, nor the experience to spot my mom's B.S.

    Oh well--that is the one major regret in my life; that I never danced again.

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  • Sentinel

    The one thing that I would change if I could, was the relationship I had with my father. He never bonded with me as a child, and I have missed that my whole life. Even in the later years, when he attempted to connect with me, we were almost strangers. I feel like I never really knew him---and, that he never really knew me. :-(

    To me, that is very sad, and I feel like my entire life would have taken a different direction, had he been a real part of it. He was always just "dad", the harsh disciplinarian--always out with his friends. I gave him respect as my father, but never felt accepted and loved.

    From that point on, everything else in my life kind of cascaded from feelings of low self-esteem and rejection, and affected me deeply. My experience with JW's only compounded my issues.

    Now, my dad is gone. He died January 31, 2001, at age 79. I have managed to resolve the inner turmoil and move on. It could have been so different....


  • Tinkerbell4125

    Mine would probably have to be, wishing I wasn't a j.w. growing up. Growing up can be tough enough, without being a freak on top of it! It was the cause of alot of problems that went on in my family. Mom was a j.w., dad wasn't. Mom's drug of choice was religion and dad's was alcohol. They don't mix well together either. Dad hated the witnesses alot of the times, but many times tryed to comform. He couldn't quit smoking. He wasn't a very nice person to begin with and the j.w. crap didn't help. I'm sorry to hear of all the loses you have had to endure. My dad completed suicide and shortly after, my mother sucum to cancer, so I can understand what some of you have gone through.

    I realize that there's not anything that you can do to change the past, but I've tryed very hard to work on how I deal with it now. CC and I love our life outside the borg and we are very thankful for the many things that we do have. We live, pretty much, far away from family. Far enough away that we don't have anyone dropping in, if you know what I mean. We have a simple, quiet and peaceful life now, pretty much mind our own business and not involve ourselves in family issues. We keep a safe distance, if you know what I mean.

    We can't control alot of what happened in our past, but we can sure make a difference with what happens with the rest of our lives!

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