Wishing Bill Bowen A Happy Birthday

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I was born in Missouri, so show me the scripture that forbids celebrating birthdays. I'm not talking about what the Jews did or didn't do (by the way, I thought Christ's sacrifice did away with the Law covenant), or what the early Christians did or didn't do. Show me where GOD says to celebrate a birthday is wrong.

  • comforter


    you know that the bible do not say that you cannot celebrate birthdays. but it never talk about God's people celebrating them either. the closest thing that comes to saying no birthdays is galatians 4:11, 12. but for comforter, if neither the early jews or christians observe birthday, it good enough for comforter. sometimes we only have principles in bible and not direct rules. the bible never command christians to not smoke crack. would you do it though?


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Christians were given two laws to follow. Love God and love your neighbour as yourself. Celebrating birthdays seems to me to be a matter of conscience. I personally do not, but then I have no problem with a Christian who does. I don't think God does either. Christianity is supposed to be freedom from the intricate laws given to the Jews, a list of what one can and cannot do. That was my point.

  • FreeFallin

    Dear Bill

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!


  • comforter


    read my earlier posts. you'll see that i was not debating the rightness or wrongness of birthday celebrating. my question related to whether bowen celbrate birthday or not. so far, he has not recripocated on this place when people wish him birthday. maybe he does not celebrate birthday. comforter only want to say that loyal jw not celebrate birthday. this issue have nothing to do with right or wrong of birthdays.


  • deddaisy

    Bill, you're awesome...............hope you have a wonderful one!

    the miracle of birth is beautiful, I am reminded of the most beautiful memories I have each year on the day of my child's birth. only an organization like the WTS would attempt to make something so special, evil, and something so evil, a "misunderstanding......"

  • Dia


    I just wrote you the loveliest greetings for the day (and the year and the rest of your life).

    And, ZAP! - I got bounced off (as often happens) before sending them.

    I was so proud of my words to you and how well I communicated them, the love of God leading and guiding my heart, my faith and my "pen".

    Gone (for now, anyway).

    Perhaps God has something HE wants to say to you.

    May you feel his presence on this joyous, momentous day. May he reach out to you and give you a miracle.

    God bless you, Bill.

  • ARoarer

    Happy Happy Birthday

    Baaby!!!!!! Doo op Shoo opee doo


    Comforter,Bill is a dub,Moron!!He may not be comfortable with birthdays..If you want to find out,you can always ask him..>>>Hey Bill,I do celebrate birthdays..You are a blessing..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!...OUTLAW

  • sunshineToo

    Regarding your "irony", Bill, I DA'd myself on the 4th of July, Independence Day. For me I see it as MY Independence Day. Since you are or were trying to get reinstated, I don't know whether you feel comfortable celebrating your B-Day. But here is a very cautious sneaky birthday wish for you.

    Happy Anniversary of coming out of your mother's womb, Bill!

    comfy, faithful jws celebrate anniversary for big time. I've seen them a lot.

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