Is This a SCAM????????????

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  • dmouse

    Lots of scams about.

    Have you had the email from someone in Africa, who desperately needs somewhere out of his country to deposit huge sums of money and you get to keep the interest?

    Of course, I bet that the instant you give them your bank acount details it's bye-bye all of your money!

  • truthseeker1

    How can you people think its a scam? It said right there in black and white that the sender got $25,000!!!

    Send it off right away, and then put your 2 weeks in at work. Spend the remaining 2 weeks sending this email around to every email addy you can get your hands on. Then when you leave work, you'll be set for life!

  • waiting

    Hush your mouth, Syn. It *could* be. I didn't say I DID it btw - I put it up here. Betcha a lot of others don't believe it, but what the heck - felt it wouldn't hurt to send it off. Who knows?

    So there.

    Hey Truthseeker,

    Yeah, I thought about that.....along with killing my xhusband for his life insurance which I hold. I think a much safer bet of money fullfillment would be giving the x the axe, eh?


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  • funkyderek
    but what the heck - felt it wouldn't hurt to send it off

    Yes, it would hurt. Those of us who get a lot of email don't want to have to trawl through any more crap than necessary. I'm also willing to bet that most people who forward this kind of mail have never even heard of BCC or removing extraneous material from an email, and sooner or later a huge list of email addresses makes its way onto a computer infected with a virus, which then proceeds to send copies of itself to each and every one of those addresses.

    Who knows?
    Anyone willing and able to think rationally.

  • Mulan

    GOOD GRIEF!!! That's a REALLY old scam email.

    Not real and people can say anything they want, like "I am an attorney" and "this is legal". It doesn't make it true.

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