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  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Can't leave.

    I probably would not want to bring a gun into Canada.

    But If I am on a tour or expedition of North America, and I have my gun to get me through Detroit what am I going to do with it when I cross into Canada?

    That is my problem.

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri
    cantleave 7 hours ago
    Why would you want to bring a hand gun into Canada? It's not a nation of gun loving idiots like the USA.

    While true that there are for more guns in USA than Canada the Canadians that do own guns usually have enough to supply a neighborhood. A short barrel shotgun, such as a 'stage coach gun' can be legally carried. Any unrestricted long rifle can be carried. A really nice compact 9mm - 10- round magazine, folding rifle known as the Kel Tech 2000 can be legally carried in a vehicle or back pack. [Note pic attached]

    It would probably be safer for you and your wife to travel prepared with the right frame of mind. Be friendly but be wary. Trust no one but don't travel in fear. Just be prepared. Bear spray could be put in your pocket and brought out when necessary. One ex-mercenary I worked with in construction always carried sand in his pants pocket. According to him, sand thrown into a persons eyes will incapacitate them completely. He was hard edge. He said that when they try to open their eyes to clear the sand out he would throw another handful at them. You get the picture.

  • OnTheWayOut
    The site I listed previously has Canada information. More specifically, has info. on getting permission to bring firearms. Click on Visitor/Non-resident. Still, it sounds like a hassle. You can do it, most likely. But I say: Bring your baseball bat and leave the guns in Florida.
  • aintenoughwiskey

    I'm a gun enthusiast, hunter and recreational shooter yet I cannot grasp this need to carry a firearm with you.

    Have you ever seen the movie "deliverance" (insert banjo music)? I am a Canadian hunter and gun owner, I rarely go in the woods without a gun. I can legally carry a shotgun in the woods any time. If you plan on staying in provincial, federal, or reputable private campgrounds (KAO) I wouldn't bother with a gun. Get a two foot piece of hockey stick, and some bear spray. If you are boon docking, I would say get a shooting vest, some shooting glasses and pump or auto loading shotgun. Something that looks like a hunting or shooting gun, not some pistol grip zombie gun. Wood stock is less alarming. Call CBS and ask about doing shooting clays in Canada. I've seen some creepy looking characters in the woods, when they see my Maxus stalker, they get a bit figidy. Who's got the purdy mouth now?

    In reference to Esse quam videri's comment above. Having a gun in your camper in the woods, and carrying a gun in the woods are two different things. The only legal way to carry a gun in the woods in my province, is to be a licensed hunter and only have the gun and ammo for the game in season. Coyotes can be hunted 365 days a year here.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    I'll be honest I haven't read all the replies but just skimmed through them. I would take up the suggestion given of just carrying a shotgun. Remember the guy who had an unloaded, disassembled hand gun in his trunk was given 7 years in New Jersey. But I think New Jersey and other states allow people with legally owned guns to travel through their states.

    The gun laws I feel in this country are confusing as they can vary by state, city, and county. Then also I would imagine that federal parks have rules on guns too?

    Here is a good article that is only a few months old.

    James, I want to do the same thing when my house is paid off. It will probably be another 7 years for me. Do us a favor and when you actually start your trip start a separate post about your experience. I would be interested in your trip and where you went.


  • under the radar
    under the radar

    There is an iOS app called Legal Heat that gives you the basic gun laws and carry requirements in all 50 states. It's updated as necessary. I'm sure there are plenty of others. And of course, there are lots of web sites with the same information.

    Many states issue non-resident permits, but requirements and costs vary significantly. For example, a Utah non-resident permit is honored in 31 states. There probably is some combination of state non-resident permits that would cover almost all states, but there are some states that only honor permits issued to their own residents. Be very careful in those states.

    Bottom line: know before you go. In states where you aren't covered by a valid permit, just keep the gun(s) secured in accordance with the federal transport laws until you leave that state.

    Even in states where your permit is valid, there may be certain places where carrying your gun would still be prohibited, like schools and colleges, churches, bars, etc. Each state has its own rules about "prohibited places." For example, some states allow you to carry while in a restaurant where alcohol is served as long as you yourself are not drinking. Others do not. Some states are very strict about "concealed means concealed," and consider it a violation if your gun is even inadvertently revealed, such as by the outline being visible under your clothes. And federal law always prohibits guns in post offices, federal courts, and several other places.

    Again, know before you go. It will take time and money to acquire the optimum number of state permits. Then you will need to plan your route carefully to know when you have to keep the gun locked up and when you don't.

    A local gun club or shooting range would be a good place to start your research and planning. Here in New Hampshire, a local gun dealer regularly offers courses that qualify you for specific state non-resident permits. The Utah non-resident permit course is particularly popular.

    Be careful out there...

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi James Brown, Bon voyage and best of wishes. Who/What are you afraid of? Humans, bears, wolves, gators?

    As a deputy sheriff did you were you trained licensed to use pepper spray, batons, or tasers? Since pepper spray activates the flight response in people and bears, would carrying pepper spray make you feel safer? I don't know the laws for carrying pepper spray in vehicles, but I do know that hikers in Glacier National Park are advised to carry bear spray, which is a concentrated pepper spray for bears.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • James Brown
    James Brown

    On the way out.

    I believe I will bring my baseball bat and leave the guns in Florida.

    Maybe some pepper spray also, Robert.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Robert. I just like to be prepared when I do things, I don't like to go off half cocked or end up a crick with out a paddle.

    I can't see myself shooting a wild animal. I have been in the water with alligators here in Florida, I am more concerned with the most dangerous animal, humans. Urban humans.

    I was planning on seeing all of America the inner cities as well as the wilderness.

    I actually enjoy inner cities seeing all the conditions people live in.

    I am planning on taking pictures and writing about my adventures.

    I would probably at the least have a blog or website.

    At the end I would like to compile all the stories and self publish a book.

  • marmot

    Yeah, a cellphone (sat phone maybe?) and a can of bear spray would be WAY less hassle than a gun.

    Like others have asked, what exactly are you afraid of?

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