My blood boiled at WT comment read on CNN

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  • writerpen

    BluesBrother -

    how is a middle aged manual worker to know how to relate to a young girl in such a dreadful situation?
    They try to relate to her by having her sit in front of three big ugly men in suits and asking her what she was wearing, where she touched the man, what did she say to the man, if she screamed, etc. This topic really gets me angry. Thus, the wonderful feeling I get when I see this issue popping up all over the media world.
  • witchywoman

    I only pray that my ex is not involved in any of these judicial hearings for these little ones. He is an elder, and a machinist, does not talk to his youngest (never dsfs or da`d) daughter, and threw her out of the house at 15 to leave me to pick up the peices. He has no f**king clue. He has had no training.

    Just another BOLD FACED LIE


  • Mimilly

    GAWD! I can't believe they have resorted to this depth of deception! How many have died because they were 'counselled' NOT to seek wordly therepy? I know I was definitely looked down on when I saw a shrink.

    Bloody bastards. It will be interesting when someone backs them into a corner on this one in front of a camera!

    They must be living in the twilight zone.


  • writerpen

    witchywoman, sorry to hear about your daughter. Is this the same one mentioned in a thread yesterday entitled "August KM fall out?" My father kicked my brother out of the house when he was 18 all because my brother was working instead of going to the meetings. Would not even allow my brother to come back to get his items. The poor boy had to break into the house to get his clothes, tv, etc. Witnesses have not a clue of what love is, nor do they really care.

    Mimilly - I remember when I was talking about going to see a therapist. The sisters got me in touch with a Witness therapist in DC and so I went to see her a few times. Never could really afford her being that she didn't take insurance from anyone and she was 2 hours away (Witnesses came from all over to see her. Would drive or fly in for their appointments. Her schedule was always booked solid). Her rate was $100 an hour and it killed me financially to try and appease the other Witnesses versus getting the help I needed. On our first session, she stated that if I ever confessed any sin to her that she would require me to go to the elders and if I did not, then she would tell them. This from a licensed counselor who is sworn to secrecy and can be sued for not keeping that (except in certain cases I believe).

  • witchywoman

    You can find "My Story---witchywoman" and "Letters to my Daughter---Parts 1&2" in the personal experiences catagory.

    The witch

  • orangefatcat

    Writerpen now I have heard everything, that JW therapist is, a real husler, talk about being a bitch, not only does she break every law in the code of patient confidentiality but then she knows all the secrets of every JW that goes to her. Who the hell does she think she is an elder or what. She is a low down skunk who wants to use witnesses,to get the dirt on everyone and then she blackmails you from the first visit and she has the gaul to make a person pay her $100.-- an hours Boy some nerve. I can't believe it. How stupid can these JW be going to someone who claims to help you under the ethics of medicine but in reality is a snake in the grass and I am being nice. Because she is a real bastard. Sorry Simon...

    I did'nt see the show on television but I can well imagine from the comments made here again that the Society comes up smelling like a skunk cabbage.!! I hope they get what the deserve and then some.

  • ozziepost
    we provide counseling and emotional support to victims

    I am left wondering who the "WE" is?


  • Pathofthorns

    I thought the "emotional support and counselling" line was over the top. Giving the victim a few photocopies of WT articles hardly qualifies as such. Any elder will tell you that up until very recently the whole child abuse topic has not even really been discussed aside from protecting themselves legally let alone even a basic education on how to adequately help those in this situation.

    No matter how well intentioned elders are, they are in way over their heads when it comes to matters such as this.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Again....why don't we ever see BLEEP on these kinds of posts, surely he must have something to say.

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