My blood boiled at WT comment read on CNN

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  • writerpen

    I was going along fine with my glass of ice tea, my cat sitting next to me as Bill and the two young ladies were being interviewed. I even made it okay through the first section of the WT comment that, "we abhor molestation..." But when Chung got to the part of their comment that said something to the effect of "we provide counseling and emotional support to victims," I nearly spilled my tea on my cat. I replayed this segment alot, and noticed that the reaction of Bill and the two ladies to that section was that they were just as shocked as I was.

    I guess I had already heard the "we abhor abuse" crap, but this added feature to the comment was exceptionally "horrific." I never went to the elders about my sexual abuse by a brother, but I did go to them about the physical and emotional abuse dished out to my brother and I. And later, I turned to several sisters about the sexual abuse. The attitude was never about providing me with counseling and support but always, "get over it," "wait on Jehovah," "keep yourself clean," "don't bring reproach on Jehovah," "be VERY careful about seeig a therapist," "the elders are trained to help abuse victims," "the society lovingly provides comfort through the pages of the Watchtower," etc. To this added comment from the WTBS and the lack of emotional support I received (actually having been deemed a bad example by the elders when I came forward with the physical abuse, I'll never forget it as the elder said, "you can no longer aux. pioneer because the body of elders feels you are a bad example in the cong for having said what you did about your father.") - to all this I say with a resounding voice:


  • bakedcanuck

    could this not have been posted at the dozen of other threads about the cnn interview?

  • Seeker4

    "But when Chung got to the part of their comment that said something to the effect of "we provide counseling and emotional support to victims," I nearly spilled my tea on my cat. "

    Ain't that the truth, Writerpen!! The room I was in was just filled with moans at that comment, and there were active Witnesses there. Lying bastards (sorry Simon).

    Of everything that the Society has written and said up to this point, that comment was the one that has upset and angered me the most.


  • metatron

    I was appalled once again by those lying bastards.

    My daughter got counseling all right - to keep quiet


  • FreeFallin

    Yes, I was appalled when I heard the statement about support and counseling. What a crock!

    Their tongues should rot out of their mouths for telling such lies.


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    The elders are trained to help abused victims?

    Now compare that remark with what my elder told me, "We don't handle problems of that nature." Hmmmmmm. The elders are trained to help abused victims? Give me a break.

    Guest 77

  • Sentinel

    Thank you for this thread.

    I did not hear the CNN report with Ms Chung. I hope someone will have the transcript available. I too, am upset by the continued lies.

    By now, you would think that many "active" JW's would be "picketing" the Kingdom Halls's or the Society's headquarters.

    I really believe that the WTBTS is dying a slow death. I do feel empathy for all the many victims of their continued mind control.

    Love and Light,


    Edited to advise that I now have a good transcript, thanks to a post by Hawkaw. Thank You!

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  • Larry

    "we provide counseling and emotional support to victims"

    First of all, do they qualify to be counselors? - NO! A shoe salesmen, a janitor, a pioneer, a blue collar worker hardly qualifies for such cases. Victims of child abuse (any abuse) need professional help. And if that isn't available they need Love and Support, in abundance, neither of which the BORG offers. The nerve of them to shape their lips and say such a bold face lie.

    Peace - LL

  • writerpen

    I'll never forget how the elders prided themselves as they said, "the society has trained elders" to deal with these situations. At least when I was speaking with them about my physical abuse, and the sisters about the sexual abuse, they prided themselves on that lie. But when I finally did get the PROFESSIONAL help I needed from a skilled therapist, I started to heal. We met last night, and she agrees that things are moving along quickly. A Witness my whole life, and never did I get the attention and concern that I needed. I waited on Jehovah, and waited, and waited, and waited, and the whole time messing my life up through bulimia and stealing. Now that I'm out and getting the help I need, life is clean and heavenly. That small comment made by the WTBS has irritated me to no end, because how untrue that is. If "wait on Jehovah" and "don't tell anyone" is their idea of emotional support, then God help them and all those in their control.

  • BluesBrother

    O K I havent seen this progrmme. But taking the post at face value, So who is going to provide the counselling and emotional support?

    The "training" may be a letter to the B of E , or an item at an elders school, - suddenly they are a skilled counsellor? how is a middle aged manual worker to know how to relate to a young girl in such a dreadful situation?


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