Are you good enoughto attend?

by eyeslice 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Darkhorse

    Give me a break. JW's have to "qualify" to go to some conventions also? What's the reasoning / logic for that rule? Do they want the "best representation" they can get? Yeah, right.

  • SYN

    LOL, pretty soon only mature, long standing Christians will be allowed to go the meetings! Maybe these rules are being made by people who have interests in seeing the Tower fall!

  • Mum

    This being "qualified" to attend a "public" meeting reminds me of the Mormons' rule of being "worthy" of a "temple recommend."

    I thought Christian theology told us that we are all unworthy, that only by grace ("undeserved kindness" in the JW vernacular) do we have any standing before God whatsoever.

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