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  • SPAZnik


    In my experience, a guy wearing a wedding band becomes immediatelty attractive to women - married ones and unmarried ones. It certainly happened to me enough times.

    I tried to think about whether *i* respond differently to a married guy vs. a single one. And why.
    i have to admit that where i am right now, not ready for a "relationship" this soon after leaving the dubs, i feel less threatened when i know a guy is married. that's just a comfort thing more than an attraction thing though.
    admittedly, some men do have a certain sex appeal that others don't. i think in my mind it is just an age and experience thing, and perhaps those with the age and experience/maturity, are often married. who knows, maybe thatz just a stereotype too.

    It ain't just the guys who're willing to have a little fling. We take the hard rap for it, but that just your basic unfairness and stereotyping at work.

    And there's as many reasons for men and women to go after a married person as there are men and women.

    Yes. That's the opinion i'm developing too.

    No one should be judgemental about it. Watch your own behavior if you're concerned. Best not to judge another's.

    I couldn't agree more.

  • BeautifulGarbage

    i think both men and women think of sex all the time.

    Women all of the time? Ummmm I don't know about that.

    I remember right after giving birth thinking "I am never doing, or thinking about THAT, again"!

    I got over it, eventually because I went and had another one!


  • SPAZnik


    What if a guy flirts with you, gives the impression he is single (not just to you but others think he is single too), and then you find out he is already married?

    Yeah, thatz another scenario to ponder.

    Flirting doesn't bother me so much.

    Being lied to might.

    I prefer brutal honesty from a person, then i can make a fully informed decision one way or the otha.

    Also, when a person lies to me and thinks i won't figure it out, i take that as something of an insult to my intelligence.

    I think i would see this approach as fairly underhanded. Especially in a situation which puts me at risk.

    I think itz only fair that i know whether to watch my back for a knife-wielding spouse. lol.


  • ITguy

    Interesting topic.

    I don't see many of these things. I've never been flirted with in real life while wearing a wedding ring. I don't think I'm unattractive. I've never had an affair, my wife had two.

    Guess I'm missing the boat.

  • Elsewhere

    Under no circumstances would I ever let a married man pick me up!

    I just don't swing that way!

  • jack2

    Now I know what my problem is - I don't wear my wedding band often enough. Maybe if I start wearing that thing, I'll get some action.

    Kidding aside, I do have friendships with women and the boundaries are known and respected by all involved.

    I guess that's what PLH mentioned at the outset - as long as the boundaries are set and respected, things hopefully will not get out of hand.

    One thing I ask myself in the face of temptation - is it worth losing my marriage, my child, my home, and the respect of my friends and family for?

  • teejay

    Women should realize that to men they are objects of fascination. Regardless of hairstyle or clothing style... size or gait... men look at them and WANT them. Usually for one reason.

    See, men have penises and penises have minds of their own. This goes a long way toward explaining every aspect of male behavior.

    JW women, due to the rose-colored glasses imposed on them by the Borg, fail to see this simple truth about men. Once said glasses are discarded, it's not long before women come face to face with a truth that should have been evident all along.

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