Predictions and Prophecy - Your turn baby!

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  • Pathofthorns

    We all know the Organization hasn't been shy about making predictions for what could happen in the future as far as the world and world conditions go.

    Now its your turn to state where the Organization will be in 2 years, 5 years and 10 years. What will "conditions" be like? What are your hopes? What are your expectations?

    Please be "sensitive to the leadings of the holy spirit" yet any "overzealousness" will be overlooked. Please avoid being dogmatic or presumptuous.

  • waiting

    Dear Thorn,

    What a loaded statement! This is my looking into possible future events:

    1. The Society will have a much rougher time keeping it's servants in the First World countries - too many computers and women too outspoken. Too much information contrary to their teachings becoming available.

    The Society will become more mainstream until they are indistinguishable from other religions, in general.

    2. The Society will continue to have major growth in Third World coutries. Few computers, less education, poverty, and women still tend the fires or work 18 hours a day, in general.

    3. The older Jehovah Witnesses, in general, will not have much Social Security benefits in their old age, as they never really worked with the idea of retiring. Then they hit retirement and said, "Wait a minute......."

    4. Just an observation, but the older Jehovah Witnesses in Third World countries, in general, have not worked towards the idea of reaching retirement age either. What happens to them in 5, 10, 20 years? We have Social Security in the USA - on a limited time table - they have nothing.

    Not really encouraging, is it?

  • Andyman

    Well lets see;

    I would have to agree with Waiting on most points.

    1. The society will have to change, and doing so I believe the numbers in the more developed countries will drop like a rock. Change will be like admitting they were wrong for so many years.

    2. Yes smaller countries will grow, but the money isn't there, so this will hurt.

    3. The young ones will continue to leave, and this will also hurt.

    4. Like Waiting said the older ones will start to see the results of not planning for the future.

    5. The elder arrangement as it is now will have to be changed. The way it is not results in to many elders abusing their athourity.

    6. And last I think that if they are to survive into the distant future they will have to make apologies for all the things that were wrong in the past. This will be the tough one for them to do.

  • Pathofthorns

    While there is sarchasm in my post, it is there only to emphasize the sadness of what is reality.

    The seriousness lies in the day when those who have taken a stand out of loyalty to God, and on grounds of conscience and principle can one day get back their good names, their dignity and their families.

  • puppylove

    I, too, think that in the near future the WT org will more closely resemble other religions. Voting and blood are two of the primary doctrines that have, at least in print, changed in the last few months. Hopefully, with pressure, the attitude on shunning will soften.

    I also think that the spread of information on the internet will increase at a rapid pace. It's amazing to me to read on other jw sites, how people have "stumbled" across so-call apostate sites (really just any site with differing views on jw doctrines). I don't think there are any "accidents" on the internet. If you are looking, you will find. I think many more will "find" the truth.

    Open Your Eyes and See

  • RedhorseWoman

    I've felt for some time that the Society will become ever more mainstream.

    Hours for pioneers have been cut, assemblies are shorter, more and more rules are being relaxed.

    I think that in the 10-year time span, most of the hard-line prophecies will have been long abandoned. This is already becoming evident with the changes to "generation" and 1914.

    I also think that numbers in the developed countries of the world will continue to drop. I've noticed a trend toward having more children (or shall we say, ready-made members). Having children used to be discouraged due to the nearness of the end. Now it is a necessity to bolster sagging membership figures.

  • Martini

    Hello P.O.T.,

    I too feel our precious Organization will go mainstream very soon.

    I stumble on the time factor, I get the sense that it could happen sooner than we think like 2-3 years,I read the other day Cable companies who have introduced interactive TV say that within 3-5 years one billion people will be online. This seriously reduces our chances for new recruits among an informed public, unless our leaders make it easier to follow their rules and regulations!
    Then again I feel it can stretch to 15 years or more before going mainstream. Especially with the younger GB members now on board they can continue to claim authority over us as God's 'Faithful and Discreet Slave' and do as they wish with us until they they too pass away. Even before then it's going to get very difficult for them to explain why members of the great crowd need to serve as rulers over us instead of Christ's Kingdom.

    So that's my prediction, hey at worst I can be off by 15 years or so much better than the Watchtowers' 120+ year record of failed prophecy
    don't you think!

    Respectfully nonetheless,

  • mgm

    witnesses will become more and more indifferent about religion. Young ones will get a higher education and plan for future. More witnesses will have a career, a family, children, a house security...

    The meeting attendance will continue to slow down, also the preaching houres.

    The WTS will warn a lot and try to change, but the sheeps won't hear anymore....

    A big group of witness start to discuss some points with friends or family. Doubts will grow rapidly....

  • Roamingfeline

    mgm, that's what I HOPE will happen. Because too many families have lost their loved ones. Whether to death, or from disfellowshipping, or whatever, the WTBTS is blood guilty. Just as blood guilty as they accused Babylon the Great of being. They deserve no less punishment than they were going to mete out to Babylon.

  • Dubby

    The authority and doctrines of the WTS is becoming a joke. More and more ignorant JW's are becoming informed. Just a matter of time before the WTS splinters or goes defunct. I don't think the GB will take a division very well. Maybe they should consult Bill Gates.

    "Enjoy God's creation, ride a dirt bike!"

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