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  • Bleep

    Here is a list of solutions that were made so far:

    "God is a culturally postulated superhuman being."

    "Well a thing is an "entity" so I'm going with God being a thing!!!"

    "A steaming pile of elephant droppings?", haha thats another poll this guy is unsure.

    "As far as this God of the bible, I do think he and many others have a strong case of being of alien beginnings."

    "God is all of those, and more."

    "(Omnipresent) or is in a particular place at a particular time."

    "God is a figment of my imagination."

    "I'm God"

    "We'll know when or if we meet him"

    "I dont know"

    "God is a monster in your bedroom that turns into a pile of clothes when you turn the light on."

    "Trying to put God in human terms which just doesnt work."

    "I think Jehovah is the Master Spirit of Spirits."

    "This is God > (A picture of Jesus)"

    "If God exists, he is all of those things and probably a lot more."

    "All I can say is that god is none of the above."

    "You cannot describe him, you cannot explain him, he is God."

    All of this is quoted from the poll with the question of Is God a Person, Place, or Thing.

  • Crazy151drinker

    Yes the results are in!

    97% believe that Bleep is a troll

    10% believe he is 12 while 21% believe that he is 30

    100% believe he is an idiot

    100% know that he is illiterate

    43% feel that Bleep and Comforter are related

    20% of those surveyed felt that Bleep passed the GED

    50% believe that Bleep is a JW

  • zenpunk

    LOL at Crazy! I like your poll better.

  • Bleep

    My poll might be a little more accurate. Notice how I raised the question first? You can't have a poll without a multiple choice question.

  • zenpunk

    I still like Crazy's poll better - I have that right.

  • Quotes

    I see you are still online, BLEEP. Please click over to the CULT thread (http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=34246&page=3&site=3) and respond.



  • Bleep

    His results can be called slander if used as evidence.

  • zenpunk

    (GASP) Slander! That's a big scary JW word that I used to hear a lot! It's only slander if it's false darlin'.

  • sunshineToo

    Have I mentioned that Bleepy is cute sometimes?

    Bleep, have you done your back to school shopping yet?

  • Bleep

    So you consider a poll with no proof of evidence from one person true?

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