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  • minimus

    This little gem is from the Watchtower, January 15, 2000...."In El Salvador,one man tied his vicious dog in front of the door whenever he saw Jehovah's Witnesses nearby. The man would wait for the Witnesses to move on, and then he would bring the dog back into the house. The brothers were never able to speak to the man. So one day they decided to try a different approach. Knowing that the man could hear what they were saying, THEY DECIDED TO PREACH TO THE DOG. They came to the house, greeted the dog,and said how glad they were for the opportunity to speak to it.They talked about the time when there would be a paradise on earth, when no one would be angry-- yes, even when the animals would be peaceable. Then they said a polite goodbye to the dog and started down the path. Much to their surprise, the man came out of his house and apologized for never having given the Witnesses the opportunity to speak to him. He accepted the magazines, and a Bible study was started. This man is now our brother--one of the "desirable things"! "..............ANY COMMENT ON THIS EXPERIENCE WOULD BE WELCOMED.

  • sisteract

    it kinda reminds me of the story about that old tree that the environmentalist wouldn't let the wt cut down to build their new kingdom hall, and low and behold there was a fierce lightning storm where a bolt of lightning hit the big tree. guess what happened then.....

    or how about the one where someone threw the truth book out of the window of a moving train and it hit this guy in the head and guess what happened then....

  • minimus

    But JJ, it can't be an urban legend. It was printed in the Watchtower, so it must be true.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    I would be interested to know how the jw's explained to the dog that he/she does not get to go to heaven with the other 144,000, nor does he/she have the privilege of receiving canine loved ones back in the resurrection.

    If I were that dog, I would be stumbled.

    Beck *of the compassionate to ALL dogs class*

  • In_between_days

    I heard this story as a district convention, all the JW's loved it!!!

    Have you ever noticed that a hell of alot of JW stories have to do with dogs?

    Much to their surprise, the man came out of his house and apologized for never having given the Witnesses the opportunity to speak to him. He accepted the magazines, and a Bible study was started. This man is now our brother--one of the "desirable things"

    Yep, o.k. Thats the natural thing to do when you see two JW's you already hate preaching to your dog. When I first heard this story, I was expecting the guy to say: "Now the dog is a faithful pioneer in one of our congregations".

    It would pretty much have the same practices:

    Irritates neighbourhood by delivering crap onto their doorstep. LOL

  • scumrat

    Yea, I once preached to a drunk who claimed to be Jesus Christ, I didn't believe him. He then said "follow me" and we proceeded to go to the nearest bar. As soon as we walked in the door the bartender said "Jesus Christ are you here again!". I'll never forget that day. I knew now that I had the truth. However, the Watchtower didn't want to publish that story.

  • Mister 8iggs
    Mister 8iggs

    The rest of the story goes:

    "The man, now our brother, eventually became an Elder. However, due to his responsibilities to his congregation, as well as his loyalty to the 'faithful and discreet slave', he didn't have enough time in each day to feed, walk, or bathe 'Buddy'*** He had to put Buddy up for adoption. Unfortunately, Buddy, being 11 years old (that's 77 years old in "people" years), was too attached to the new brother AND too doggone old for any families in search of a doggy. So, our new brother did the "Christian" thing and took Buddy out back and shot 'im."

    ***Names have been changed.

    Would YOU welcome a visit?

    Like Buddy, we here on the Governing Body, are old. We strive to be loyal to Jehovah...the same way Buddy was loyal to his owner. Also, like Buddy, we are getting shot at by Apostates. But, UNLIKE Buddy, we will live to times indefinite! If you would like to learn more about how you can support us...er....we mean Jehovah....then please visit your local Kingdom Hall.

  • jimbob

    If I got a dollar everytime I heard this same story.........well, you know!

  • minimus

    I personally think that preaching to a dog is really barking up the wrong tree.

  • Swan

    ... and the man told all of his relatives that he was studying the Bible and they all wanted to sit in on the study. Well the brother always conducted the study from the street because the dog was so loyal he still would not let the brother into the house. When the neighbors saw all of these people studying the Bible on the street in front of this man's house, they were very curious. The man had always been mean and cruel to his neighbors and had always sicced the dog on them. But they had to investigate and satisfy their curiousity about what was going on. So they all went over and asked what this man was doing, and the brother explained that they were having a Bible study. Well, the neighbors were so impressed by the change in the man that they too wanted to join in the study... and yada, yada, yada... they were all baptized at the next District Assembly except for the dog. Isn't it marvelous how Jehovah's Spirit keeps guiding our organization?


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