Need Info on JW's Scandals in Mexico-

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    Great Poem. Thinker are you the same 'Thinker' that was on H2O?

    Peace - LL

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    No, but I'm the original here.

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    During the '80s, I remember three "Terrible" things more than anything else, and I've been meaning to write it out, so here goes:

    #1. As a brand new-newbie '79-'80, I heard about that horribly wicked apostate person, nephew of our president, Franz. That's all I knew, i.e., it was something so terrible and wicked that nobody would discuss it. Just be in fear and don't ever become like him!! was the impression I got.

    #2. Torture and persecution of Malawi brothers and sisters: This was the most frightening and gruesome of anything in the world at the time (in the JW world at least). We heard about it ALL the time, how terrible it was, how thankful we should be, how much we needed to pray for them, and pray that we ourselves would be able to endure as faithfully as they were doing under the circumstances.

    #3. Not as physically brutal or scary as the above two, but nonetheless a fear/guilt tactic that we should be soooo thankful for our Freedoms in this country, was the fact that the poor poor friends in Mexico were not even allowed to sing at their meetings, nor pray nor have Bibles. How sad their meetings must have been! And this was persecution from The Wild Beastly Government of Mexico, albeit a milder form of persecution than say Malawi.

    What's my point? That in all of those events described above, we were "conditioned" to:

    #1. Feel either fear and/or "hate" (Ray Franz and the likes of him, lest we end up on the "outside" like him "weeping and gnashing our teeth");

    #2. Feel fear and guilt over the brutal physical persecution and hardships of the Malawi friends (loyalty unto death -- would we be ready if it happened to us? I used to worry about that all the time, not being able to go to the bathroom for days on end like they were doing to the Malawi brothers, having to sit in a field in the same position/not moving for days on end, etc.); and last but not least...

    #3. Feel sorrow and guilt that we could sing and pray and use our Bibles but the "dear friends" in Mexico were banned from doing so due to "government persecution." Could it happen to us? We need to be ever thankful for our freedom and blessings, we need to know our scriptures so we can recite them from memory if ever needed! etc.

    OK. So I have learned over the months that #1 and #2 were all baloney. That was bad enough. Then I just learned recently thru a link on this board about the Mexico/singing/ praying/Bible "persecution." And I don't know why, but it was like that was the last straw! I couldn't believe they played it out to us like it was something terrible and out of the WTS' control, when in fact, they could have avoided (not only #1 and #2) but also they could have avoided the friends in Mexico being deprived of their singing and prayer and Bibles. Sheeeesh! They will twist anything around and dupe us about the time of day if they wanted.

    On another thread here was this link: which is a site where some guy posted all the letters he has written to the GB, and they are hysterical and full of truthful sarcasm, to say the least. He holds no punches, that's for sure. It was in one of those letters that I read about the Mexico singing/praying/Bible "persecution." That person wrote this to the GB:

    It is really pathetic to witness how you are falsifying your history in Mexico. After years of posing as an "cultural" organization, just because you wanted to get around Mexican law about religious organizations being restricted from owning property. You now try to give the impression that you have been under some kind of ban in Mexico, not being allowed to start your meetings with prayer and not using the Bible from door to door. You know perfectly well that there was never any such restriction on religious practices in Mexico. These restrictions was implemented by yourselves from Brooklyn, for the sole purpose of you being able to own your property in Mexico. Despicable! Are there absolutely no limit's to how low you are willing to stoop in order to gloss over your own history of lying and cheating.

    So finally, after 20-22 years, that little paragraph was my first clue to another WTS "whitewash." Brother! Is there no end to it????

    On a lighter note, that same person ended one of his letters to the GB with the following, and it made me laugh, so thought I'd share it, too...

    Well, that's all for now. We do not claim to understand what motivates your behavior.

    LOL! THAT is an Understatement, eh?

    Of the "Getting Wiser Every Day" Class

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