If WTS fell today, where should the money go?

by sleepy 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • AjaxMan

    The money should/must go to the following people:

    • All the victims of child abuse at the hands of JW pedophiles
    • All the people who were df'ed and suffered mental anguishes as a consequence.
    • All the people who gave up a lot of their lives (scholarships, college educations, businesses, homes and families) in order to follow the Corporate Doctrines.

    Can anyone list more?

  • Satanus

    They owe me about 50 thou for services rendered, such as door to door selling, talks, bethel construction, kinghall constructions. If i added penalties for unfair termination, and astracism from friends and family, that would add another 100 thou or so.


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