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  • silentlambs

    I had a former silentlambs who is df tell me an interesting story the other day. She was df a few years ago but grew up in a congregation with a brother about her age that became a CO. She attempted to make contact with him through "classmates", oddly he responded. A few emails went back and forth and on a visit back to her home town as it was near his circuit she asked if he would like to meet for a drink. He agreed.

    They had a few drinks and he started to talk. He was completely diselusioned with the organization. He said if push came to shove he would take blood. The congregations were driving him crazy, the basically ignored organizational procedures when he wasn't there. The meeting attendance was way down and WT was pressuring him to get the numbers up. He said the young peopole were leaving in droves and few had any real knowledge of the organization, they were just in it for their folks.

    She then brought up silentlambs, he started off saying it was all apostates and based on lies, but they had been inundated with abuse problems for the last year in the circuit. When she explained she had been molested by her father a very prominent elder, he went pale. She explained the only ones who believed her was silentlambs and she knew none of her JW family would have supported her. she was going to report him to the police shortly, and she was thankful to silentlambs for helping her.

    Well he did not have much to say about silentlambs and muttered something about checking out the website. The point taken from all of this is that many are upset with the organization. The letter that was read has angered many within, they know they are lying. I know it is true a few will shut down but I think any abuse survivor who is not treated properly will know there is a resource for them to turn to. As long as WT continues to lie there are going to be many angry within, when they are angry they will seek out assistance.

    Staying in would have been the better alternative, but by making this matter completely public I believe even JW's are going ot smell a rat. I plan to put up all correspondence related to this on the website so anyone can review and form their own opinion as to what the truth is of this matter. If they want to believe the lies, then they would have never came to the website to begin with.

    I guess from the story above it appears management is in trouble, they see the problems but no one in home office wants to hear it. The rank and file are quietly revolting and it is a matter of time before the "sell books or die" anthem will just not cut it enough to keep people in.


  • BugParadise

    Minimus: I think that those that have been abused will not care whether someone is a JW or not. If they know that these brothers and sisters really care about them, nothing or nobody will stop them from getting support. What do you think?

    I agree with you. Knowing help is out there is the most important thing and that has been accomplished. At some point in time the victim will most likely find the urge to seek help more urgent then dealing with the horrors of thinking they are alone in their pain and resigned to just existing but not really LIVING.


  • twain30

    A problem is that very many bogus disfellowshippings have taken place. When the Society's policies on this issue are called into question what do they do? They swing even farther to the radical right making their policy on this matter appear even more ridiculous.

  • Pathofthorns

    Generally speaking, being disfellowshipped obviously limits the number of JWs willing to have contact with you. In the case of Bill Bowen and Silentlambs though, I don't think this will make much difference. As Lee mentioned, I would also suspect most victims of abuse are already disillusioned with the WT and would rather accept the help offered from the "enemy" that is reaching out to them instead of a claimed "friend" who has turned their back on them.


  • minimus

    Bill, I am glad to see your resolve! Who knows what this grassroots effort may bring. We all appreciate everything you have set out to do....thank you.

  • ozziepost


    Very interesting account, thanks.

    From what I've seen here "downunder" the C.O. you mention is not alone!

    Like him, C.O.'s here are the "meat in the sandwich" between an increasingly harsh home office/service dept and the increasingly sceptical R&F.

    Keep up the good work, brother!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • MikeMusto

    I guess from the story above it appears management is in trouble, they see the problems but no one in home office wants to hear it. The rank and file are quietly revolting and it is a matter of time before the "sell books or die" anthem will just not cut it enough to keep people in

    True...You may have no idea. The seeds have been planted and simply stating "do not listen to the lying apostates",

    no longer works. I have encouraged others to express their opinions.....and people are not happy with the org.

  • Pistoff

    I think that it will have 2 effects:

    those who are still very closed up and oppressed by the society's/publisher worldview will "forest gump" it out--till they need the psychiatrist

    those increasingly uneasy, as I have been, will jump ship slowly or quickly and will be ANGRY that someone gets the boot for speaking up and doing something.

    All pubs I talk to get a blank look when asked what Bill did to get df'd and I tell them he spoke up about abuse, same as Barb, Joe, Barb Pandelo, etc etc.

    This stuff takes a while to come to a boil. The next year will see more becoming uneasy, looking around and then will have the veil lifted.


  • Siddhashunyata

    How can we help the disenchanted Circuit Overseers communicate with each other?

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Maybe in a former life my name was Thomas. I'd like to believe that such a condition among the rank and file is possible, but I am dubious at best. But even so, I am even more doubting that any change is possible. No correct that. Change will happen, but it will become more harsh, more demanding and more abusive.

    Perhaps I should just change my name to Eyore.

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