Using The Word "Coward"

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  • Bang

    They are the cowards - like Satan - they won't stand naked before God - they don't trust Him, because they don't believe He's nice. They need the protection of their own deeds.

    They are such cowards - they may never know Him.


  • LDH


    YOU GO BOY. I got their coward, right here. Come and get me, WBTS.

    Lisa Davis-Haynes

    Fresno CA

    The cong. on Shields and West, then Sunnyside in Clovis, then some useless KH on N. Cedar Ave.

    Some Coward, eh? As opposed to the "Translators of the New World Trans-Obliteration" who remain anonymous.



  • onacruse

    Dakota, LDH: Great idea!

    In addition to my bio: I have lived in Oregon for 40 years. Went to the North Beaverton, Tigard, Hawthorne, and North Milwaukie congs. I now live in Beaverton, Oregon.

    WTS lurkers: Please say hi to Merton Campbell for me, will you? At least he had some integrity as a PR spokesman.

    LDH: The New World Trans-Obliteration ROFL

    Craig Mills

    ICQ 166955575

  • eyeslice

    The hiding of identity is a thing the society continues to practice.

    As congregation secretary, I, on a number of occasions, had to phone the Service Desk, or they phoned me. These guys are always very reluctant to give their names, but insist on name, rank and serial number from you before proceeding!

    At the end of the day, they are prepared to tell you what to do but want no come back if things go wrong.

  • Reborn2002

    Yet another example of the double-standard and hypocrisy that is always apparent when dealing with the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society and it's representatives.

    The Circuit Overseer in question stated:

    that those who are speaking against "Mother" are such cowards that they can't even use their names, they hide their identity!

    Yet, the writers of the articles for Watchtower magazines and other printed literature remain anonymous.

    Are they afraid of drawing criticism for the constant flow of contradictions they babble from year to year?

    For excellent examples of how the Watchtower Society writers have continually vacillated on doctrine, and changed their stance on a variety of topics over and over again, please visit:

    If you are unfamiliar with the above information, I suggest you educate yourself.

    The Watchtower Society leaders will reason that the men who write these articles do not wish to receive undue praise for providing the spiritual food that Jehovah has provided.

    Nonsense. Sheer nonsense.

    That is simply an excuse to avoid criticism or the legal ramifications of providing articles that influence people how to live their lives, and what they should do regarding pursuing an education or accepting potentially life-saving medical treatment.

    Bill Bowen stated:

    Give him my name, I will be glad to talk to him.

    That one sentence alone is enough to destroy your little Circuit Overseer's theory.

    I need not speak of Bill Bowen's accolades. His name is well known and his actions have been heard by millions, but he is too cowardice to "speak against Mother" and reveal his identity?


    You can tell your Circuit Overseer friend to stick his head back up his ass, apparently that is where his brain has been conveniently placed for quite some time.

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