Using The Word "Coward"

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  • twain30

    One Circuit Overseer recently stated that those who are speaking against "Mother" are such cowards that they can't even use their names, they hide their identity! So why would you want to listen to degenerates like that?

    This called some interesting thoughts to mind: Were the French Resistance cowards because they hid their identities from the Nazis? In my opinion they were heros. In the South American jungle is a jaguar cowardly for working around army ants or for not swimming with piranha fish? A jaguar is a courageous animal that just avoids foolish circumstances.

    Instead is a coward not one who uses numbers and circumstances to shut out others and lord it over them and to be intolerant of other's opinions?

    By this definition would not every Jehovah's Witness who's ever done the preaching work underground so as to avoid persecution be a coward for not openly revealing his identity?

  • Elsewhere

    What a dumb-ass! Doesn't he know that one should ALWAYS use every tactical advantage one has???

    Never give a "freebee" to your opponent. That's a good way to loose a battle!

  • Amazing

    The Society's mid-level leaders are simply jealous and they feel vulnerable because they can't do anything about what is going on. They fail to understand the need some have for remaining annonymous, and are hoping to egg some on to disclose their identity just so they can DF them. Some of this is underground warfare ... and the need for "Theocratic" strategy. Besides they won't tell us who the writers of the publications are, or who the NWT Translation Committee are ... so what is fair is fair.

  • Englishman

    I do recall that we used to have a particularly opinionated poster here. Everytime that I met her head-on, she would call me a coward!

    Most peculiar.


  • SYN

    They are the cowards for forcing little kids to confess in front of their molesters and require two witnesses to the crime! FEH!

  • silentlambs

    Give him my name, I will be glad to talk to him.


  • hillary_step

    The true cowards are those who hide behind Service Desks, WTS Legal, WTS PR, the conditioned loyalty of six million people and committees padded for their protection - the Governing Body.

    What the CO called cowardice is innocent people trying to protect their families and loved ones from a theological dictatorship every bit as heartless as its 1920's political models, Fascism and National Socialism.

    Panorama fired a shot across their bow and hehy now know they are able to be identified publicly, are reachable and subsequently indictable. They will seek to plug the holes and whip their suffering adherents into even an even greater excstacy of hysteria against 'apostates', but they know that deep down they have lost the battle.

    Most CO's have little clue what goes on either in Headquarters on in the congregations, so I would pay little attention to what they have to say.


  • DakotaRed

    They think we are cowards because we have screen names? Since we all know Bethel reads this board, they can know that my name is Lewis A. Waters, I live in Vancouver, Washington and used to attend Salmon Creek Congregation. Any Bethelite wishing my phone number and address is free to email me. But, they already have it on file, unless they destroyed the letters I have written over the years where I listed my address and number.

    The real cowards are those Bethelites that read these boards just gather information and use it against any and everyone they can. The real cowards are those elders that blindly follow the Governing Body and disfellowship victims advocates and refuse to recignize their own errors.

    No, there are no cowards posting here. I defy the Bethelites reading this to come forward and identify themselves and prove they are not cowards.

    Lew W

  • YoursChelbie


    That's how you tell them off! I for one am not at all surprised that other elders in congregations who know about Bill and all that he has gone through aren't BRAVE enough to resign and thus send a message to the GB regarding their insane, evil policies.


  • minimus

    Call the Service Department and try to get a name from anyone you talk to. Those COWARDS won't divulge anything! Read the initials to any letter sent to a body of elders,and that's about as close to a name that you'll ever get.

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