You know it`s time to take a break from

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    Just like a lot of people on this board,every once in a while I take a break from this nuthouse we call cyber home, I usually know it`s time to take a break from this place when I start argueing with the board crazies and expect normal responses from them(LOL)So whats your que,to take a break from

  • ISP
    So whats your que,to take a break from

    I suppose death would be one.......


  • Valis

    when you get a catheter and a colostomy bag that match your computer desk...


    District Overbeer

  • Stephanus

    When there's no reason to keep going. Fred's been finally kicked off, a goal I've had since he first turned up. This board has no meaning anymore. I'm just hanging around until I make 2000 posts, then I'm thinking of retirement.

  • Mimilly

    When I'm getting absolutley NOTHING done around the house! Hmmm.... house IS kinda messy - ahh who cares... it'll take all of one hour to clean up.

    Seriously though, I take short breaks when I feel depression creeping in, like after Dateline. That show brought back a flood for me, and it was quite awhile beforeI could even read the Panarama stuff.

    Also, I take a breather when there is too much arguing going on. (a debate is fine - I just loathe arguments for arguments sake)

    I love this place. I'll never leave. PS: Viv posted my two best friends on her thread 'Pussys flying around. (pg3) I know... a shameless plug - but Diego and Tjiske are worth the look Between this wonderful cyber home and these two doggie kindred spirits, I am able to face the world.

    hugs to all,


  • sunshineToo

    I'm thinking of break, too.

  • Vivamus

    Just discovered I am #7 in most active posters of the last 7 days! Looking back I have done nothing but sit behind my computer, mindless staring at the monitor... I have become a forumjunky!

    I NEED a break!

    So, I will see you all tomorrow, I'm off to bed!


  • Simon

    When I've fallen asleep, slumped over the keyboard, and wake up with an imprint of it on my cheek.

    Also, when I start shouting at my computer. Of course I already do this with the TV ... must be getting old.

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    nothing that goes on here really turns me away. it's mostly things that happen in my personal life that cos me to go offline for awhile.

    how's the weather outlaw??

  • Matty

    I know when it's time to take a break from, it's when one of my family come into the room when I'm posting! I'm running out of excuses to give my loyal dub family as to why I spend so much time on this computer!

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