was adam and eve forgiven?

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  • pomegranate

    Deut 32:4
    He is the Rock, his works are perfect,

    Would the above include Adam and Eve?

    Adam and Eve sinned PERFECTLY. Just as they were designed to do.

  • Klaus Vollmer
    Klaus Vollmer

    potatoshell, if you think that god created our greatparents imperfect you would witness against him.

    I cant believe that Jehovah has had the plan to make a failing human race.

    We have the freedom to make decisions with our own responsibility. So they were influenced by external forces

    what made the tempest in a teapot but a failure for us all.

    We have to die and will be redeemed by our savior Jesus Christ.

    Adam and Eve - I think they wont ever come back.

    sin is payed by dead - for those who are offsprings and under the option to use the sacrifice-

    Adam and eve havent got this obligation.

    sorry for them that they were following a lie.

  • RevMalk

    In my VERY Humble opinion:

    God KNEW this all would happen/had to happen (something along these lines). I personally believe that Adam and Eve HAD to eat from the tree of Knowledge. I believe they were placed here to learn, as we all are. I think they were like children and had no idea what was going on. They obviously did not contain enough knowledge to realize that if they ate from the tree of life BEFORE they ate from the tree of knowledge they would have faired much better. Even God could not have stopped them from having eternal life no matter what they did after eating from the tree of life. (I argue this point with JW's all the time, no matter what they say, Adam and Eve NEVER ate from that tree of life, because if they had, God would not have made such a large issue of getting them out of the garden: "lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever") Are they saved? Yes of course they're saved. They raised their children to worship God, they themselves worshipped God and lived full righteous lives. Of course I do not and will not believe that anyone is destroyed. I don't believe we have that sort of God. I do not, however, believe that everyone is saved without some sort of works. I'm not saying that we have to follow some half witted organization like the Watchtower society, but I believe we have to live according to God's word and will. How are we rewarded or punished for living (or not) up to his word? Well, perhaps the Mormon theory is close.....perhaps there are different degrees of Glory. I think every religion has some truth to it. I mean if you study hard enough you're bound to stumble on something true. It's impossible in my mind that God didn't know this was to happen. It's impossible that God will destroy his children or burn them in a tormenting Hell. But on the same token I think we are held accountable for our sins, and NOT those of Adam. How can we possibly still carry the sins of Adam? Christ died for those sins. Those sins were wiped clean, otherwise what was the purpose of the Atonement? I think that anyone who believes we could possibly be held accountable for the sins of Adam is completely insane, and I think it's blasphemy. I think that Christ dieing for us accounts for something, and if you take that away what are you left with. So, our sins now are our own, and we're held accountable for our own. So, if you think about it, we then are born with the same capability of being perfect as Adam and Eve and Christ were. Why not? Think about it - Being perfect does NOT mean we CANNOT sin, it means we choose not to sin. Otherwise Adam could never have sinned and any temptation of Christ would have been futile. So what separates us from perfection? Our choices, and that's it. Will most of us sin, if not all.....perhaps. I think that doing wrong is not the same as sinning. Did Christ ever do anything wrong? I believe so.....He didn't always listen to his parents as a child, we know this. So, in effect he did wrong, but never sinned. I think we get caught up in categorizing the two together when in all actuality they can be worlds apart. The fact of the matter is, Adam's sin means nothing to us at this point. We account for ourselves. Adam died for his sins and so did Christ. The question is, who will die for our sins? Will it be us? Will we die and be resurrected to some kind of Spirit heaven where we will be made pure again either by choice or receiving whatever the full gospel is? Will we have a chance to atone for our own sins here on earth? Is Christ going to return on his own, or will his Church be restored prior to his second coming? There's a world of questions bouncing around in my head, but whether Adam and Eve were forgiven or not is definitely not one of them. They were born just the same as we are, with the ability to sin, and with the ability to be forgiven. And if they are not forgiven than they are the most righteous people who have ever walked this earth, because that means they lived a life of worship to God, taught their children well, and for what? Eternal Death? I think not.

    RevMalk's 2 Humble Cents

  • RevMalk

    I had to chime in here again, because I just noticed Farkel's comments. You have hit the nail right square on the head. Here's the facts we have pertaining to Adam and Eve:

    1. They were not created with the ability to live forever (or else there would have been no need for the tree!)

    2. They never ate from the Tree (of course not, they didn't live forever!)

    3. God could NOT have prevented them from living forever had they eaten from that tree (otherwise he would not have rushed them out "lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever")

    4. Had God known or intended for this world to be perfect, and known that Adam and Eve would live forever, he would have made it that way.

    Come on people, this is God we're talking about, he can do anything! He knew this was going to happen whether or not it was his plan or not! So why are we here? To learn! We HAD to eat from that tree of knowledge! They didn't know anything, they were babes, with no knowledge. You all better thank them for doing what they did, because if they hadn't you just might not even be here! If they couldn't comprehend that if they ate from that tree of life they'd live forever, then the Pro-Creating process might not have clicked very well either, so start thanking your lucky Stars because God works in mysterious ways and this is about as mysterious as you can get, but makes more sense than most theories on the subject!

    Adam Sinned so that you might live!

    2 more RevMalk cents :)

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