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    Tell Grandma that you researched this on the Society CD ROM and she's right, demons not only inhabit homes and frighten people by moving clothes around, but some people have even got demons by talking to someone on the phone who lives in a demonised home.

    Tell her that letters from one person to another can be contaminated with demons, and the best way to protect herself is to break off all contact until he gets rid of them.

    Let them start shunning one another for their stupidity and gullability.

  • punkofnice

    Pattytp - I don't get it. What sort of idiots are demons? They live on old furniture and plates and things that just happens to be purchased by JWs. How amazing is that? They just happen to know what furniture or bric-a-brac the JWs will buy.

    Do you think the elders just think your gran is just worrying over nothing and just being nice to her? Or do they think they can ask invisible sky magician to exorcise the demons?

  • pronomono
    I remember when I was active how I believed all these demon stories. One lady in our hall said she kept waking up to shadows on her wall resembling someone holding a butcher knife and said it was demons. I've got friends and family that have their own personal demon stories. Looking back on it, all the people I've known to have these kinds of stories weren't in a good frame of mind at the time. I think demons are no more than mental illness for which a person hasn't been properly diagnosed. I'm glad I no longer believe in such stories.
  • sir82

    they like to scare people by tying robe belts and moving clothes around.

    I've never understood this.

    Imagine you are a demon, OK? You have superhuman power. You are an ex-angel, and one angel can kill 185,000 people in one night.

    You've got the strength to hurl the empire state building into the ocean. You can possess people and make them wander around naked cutting themselves with rocks. It takes Jesus & a bunch of "good" angels enough effort to throw you out of heaven, such that Revelation describes it a s a "battle".

    You've got all this power, all this malice, all this pure seething hateful rage, and you use it to....

    Move clothes around? Knock on a door? Tip over the salt shaker?

    What am I missing here?


    He claims demons are moving his clothes around in his house.

    Don`t Drink Before You Go To Bed..

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  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Gah, sorry Spectre! Clumsy fingers here, hit dislike when meant to hit like!

    Simon, can you make those like/dislike features be toggled on/off...??

    And Sir82, exactly! I've never understood that either about why the demons, with all their power & cunning, etc., would do such weird things like that. Maybe to make people whose minds are already under cult-control to think that they're crazy - or not crazy! Ha !

  • punkofnice
    sir - What am I missing here?

    Nothing. some people are so sure it's all about them!

    "Oh, I'm so r**sclaat important that the demons must target me!"

    Same kind of self importance that makes some take on the mantle of 'anointed(tm)'. (Not everyone I hasten to add. I knew 1 or 2 really nice delusionals).

    If I were a demon I wouldn't hang around in a dirty plate in a charity shop all day long waiting to be purchased. I'd be doing drugs!

  • Vidiot

    punkofnice - "Same kind of self importance that makes some take on the mantle of 'anointed(tm)'."


    I didn't know "self-importance" meant "mental health problems".

    Makes a lot more sense, now, though.

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