Any advice on DA process?

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  • JT
    Disassociating tells them that you're no longer afraid of them and the hate-god that they worship, and it may embolden ones who are having doubts.

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure I believe that's true. It was, in the early days of disassociation, when anyone who DA'd was considered to be "rejecting Jehovah". But in the years since, it has become fairly common for people to DA themselves, in effect, to 'avoid a messy trial' (as an elder friend once put it to me). So one who DA's today may not create the shock waves in the congregation that he once would have. Many may just assume that he did something wrong, knew he was going to get disfellowshipped anyway, and DA'd to avoid the hassle of answering the elders' questions.


    I agreee DAing oneself for the most part gives the person perhaps a feeling of closure which if that is what one needs go for it- but to think that one is MAKING A STATEMENT is a joke

    most former jw for some reason seem to forget that the avg jw has been indoctrinated in some cases 20-40yrs for the day that a fellow member REJECTS JAH AND HIS ORG

    so when they read off a person name as DAing themselves the avg jw says O my goodness they have left JAH

    I have been on the net for 6 yrs and i have not hears ONE POSTER relate of how they DAed themsleves and later that night they got a call from a long time jw friend of 20-40yrs who called and asked or said somthing to this effect:

    Jim tonight they annouced that you no longer want to be a jw, now Jim i have known you and your wife for 20=yrs our kids grew up we served where the need is great during the summer, we both got appointed as elders the same night, we have given many conventin parts together, my wife and your wife are best friends we have gone fishing each summmer, MAN YOU GOT TO TELL ME what is going on, while i may not agree with you, I AT LEAST NEED TO HEAR IT FROM YOU WHAT DID YOU READ OR HEAR THAT MADE YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON JAh"

    i have never seen anyone on the net who say that they have ever recieced such a call from an old friend upon hearing that they had DAed themseleves

    and the reason is simple DA lettters in my view have no or little impact on current jw since they have been PREPARED FOR THE DAY THAT someone DA themselves and they have been trained how to respond--

    in my view most jw are not prepared for the fallout, and i have read and spoken to so many who may have DAed themselves in the end but they admit THIER TIMING WAS OFF

    but each must decide, but like i always say

    I would not waste the paper or stamp to send a letter to a group of men who hand out "CHEESE CRACKERS" AT WALMART FOR A LIVING,

    if they want me they will have to come and GET MY BLACK A$$


  • DanTheMan

    Neon & JT -

    HEY! Quit raining on my parade LOL

    The closure was necessary for me in that I needed to shut the door behind me on the way out.

    I can see the matter both ways. My attitude towards disassociation often varies from day to day.

    I would definitely concede that disassociating oneself should not be done in haste.

  • DakotaRed

    Cicatrix, when I DA'd, I wrote a lengthy letter quoting the Bible and various Watchtower publications. All were ignored, except for the last line which stated I could no longer in any form of conscience allow myself to be indentified with the JW religion. They announced it immediately, I was told. I looked at DAing as I was disfellowshipping all of them from my life. I tried the fade away too, but they just wouldn't allow it and forced my hand.

    But, if you want to have some fun and don't mind them stopping by, forget to sign the letter. I did that accidentally and they had a cow. Sent me another certified letter, which I ignored. Then, two elders stopped by the house to get the signature and I just stonewalled them, until the left in a huff. They said it wasn't legal without my signature and I replied it was legal enough to announce. Then, they said the Faithful and Discreet slave required it and I replied, "if he wants it, have him come get it." That's when they stomped out of my house. I was feeling a bit ornery that day

    The letter you wrote will do just fine.

    Lew W

  • zev

    here was mine. copy it if you want, it worked fine for me.

    bla bla bla Congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses

    Body of Elders,

    This is to inform you that as of this date, I no longer wish to be considered one of Jehovahs Witnesses, and do herby formally disassociate myself from the bla bla blaCongregation of Jehovahs Witnesses, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, The Christian Congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses, and any other names this religious organization functions under.


    the great zev

  • JT

    D-Red says:

    "But, if you want to have some fun and don't mind them stopping by, forget to sign the letter"


    You are a "fool" smile- hey man i loved it, i had to call my wife downstairs to read your post-

    see it's guy like you who give the Service Dept a headace-

    This has got to be the cooliest trick i have ever heard of "FORGET TO SIGN IT"

    IT WOULD REALLY BE funny if you went on vacation or something hey man we loved your post

    keep up the wonderful ideas

    i just love this Net "THANG"

  • DakotaRed

    JT, it really was just an oversight on my part. But I figured, what the hell, may as well have some fun with it.

    Lew W

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