Wearing Masks. What Masks Do You Wear?

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  • scootergirl

    Invisible mask

    When life gets too hectic, or people get too close for comfort or want too much from me...when things weigh heavy on my mind and I need think to think for myself....when I need to take care of myself and shut the world out I can do that w/out a problem. Sometimes it means physically retreating to my house int he woods where NO one comes unannounced to visit. I can "drop of of society" for awhile and be a hermit. Detachment. There are times I like to just hide in the woodwork and let the world pass me by while I catch my breath.

  • OrbitingTheSun

    I wear a paper grocery bag over my head with eyeholes and a smiley face drawn on it. I wear it so that I blend in with the crowd and dont draw attention to myself. It is the price I have to pay to avoid being a spectacle, but it works pretty well.

    Hehe, Im just kidding. I have all kinds of masks. I think it is part of human nature. Animals have physical defenses to make them appear differently than they are feeling (i.e. mammals fur standing on end to appear intimidating when they feel threatened). So, being the intellectual creatures that we are, it makes sense for us to have more sophisticated defense mechanisms.

    As long as we are aware of our masks and dont overuse them, I think they are good to have. They protect us and allow us to use discretion as to who we show our weaknesses to.


    I do not think I wear a mask 'perse' WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET folks...LINDA LOU aka queenie

  • Dizzy Cat
    Dizzy Cat

    The curious thing though Queenie, if you were put under the microscope and studied from situation to situation, you may find that, indeed, you do slip into a different character (or mask).

    Most people do, often without full acknowledgement. Its a method of coping common to humans. A problem can arise though, whereby the mind fragments and many masks are formed for a variety of situations. Then ..... you have trouble ! The masks start taking over ... bwah, ha... ha... ha.. harrrrr (insert evil laugh).

  • Scarlet

    I wear many masks everyday. I wear my work mask, my wife mask, my daughter mask, my sister mask. I am not saying that I try to be a different person but the way you interact with people in everyday life causes you to change pieces of your personality.

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