What was the worst date you ever been on ?

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  • Xandria

    I did not date until 19 ... and married the only person I dated. But I would hear all the horror stories of my friend's dates. One of my g/f's date was so terrible. He made her pay for everything( not even dutch) and then he thought he was entitled to a little romp. She was so mad when she got out of the car she slammed the door. Well her skirt was caught in the door and he drove off ripping it right off her. So here she is at the end of a terrible date and standing in the street in her knickers and hose & garters with her shirt on.

    He kept going of course ( which may of been the wise choice) for she may of done him in if he stopped. Luckily she made a mad dash for the door and made inside in record time.


  • Vivamus

    This is not really a date story...

    I was 13 or so, and going out with my friends to the local disco. Well, I had never been kissed, and so I thought, this is the night...

    I was dancing and saw this guy, and saw an opportunity. So I moved in his direction, and started dancing with him. And a few minutes later, we stepped outside were he gave me my first French kiss. And my God! Was that one gross!!! I mean, his tongue was all over, slobbering me, yuk! So, I got rid of him, walked back into the disco, found my friends, and told them. The rest of the evening/night that guy tried to come up and talk to me again, but my friends protected me from that.

    Glad to say I have had some fantastic kisses since then, but that first one still gives me the shivers.

  • scootergirl

    My worse date happened years after I left the borg............a friend of mine decided to set me up on a blind date and we met at a nice restaurant. Had a nice (expensive) dinner, good conversation but I could tell that there was no "love connection" but the company was nice. After dinner I got up to excuse myself to the ladies room and when I returned he was gone. I saw him outside the window and assumed that he had paid for the dinner. I went outside to catch up with him and he started to brag about how easy it was to walk out without paying the bill! I was so embarrassed that I went back in, paid the bill and left the tip. I he wanted to go out for drinks and "what-not" (his words) and I quickly made up an excuse to go home! What a loser!

    I do have to say though, when I was engaged as a dub, my fiance wanted our first kiss to be at the wedding ceremony (KH) IN FRONT OF THE CONGREGATION! How embarassing that would have been! Needless to say, we never did marry (and YES, we did end up kissing.........guess the temptation was just more than either one of us could stand)....but what an idea! LOL

  • jack2

    This one was not really bad per se, but one time I dated a girl once and things just did not click. Well, a couple weeks later I got a call from a girl who claimed to be a friend of the girl I dated that one time. We made a date, and after we were in the car driving and talking, she revealed that she was the girl's sister.

    I ended the date right then and there; I felt upset that the girl had not been truthful about her identity from the outset. However, looking back, I think I over-reacted. She seemed like a nice girl, and I think I should have given it a chance. I would think that she felt embarrased to identify herself as the sister on the first phone call. Also, from a guy's perspective, she was a very pretty young lady, and who knows, if I'd have been more forgiving, maybe would could have had a nice date.

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  • FreeFallin

    I wasn't raised in the truth, so I could "date" with plenty of supervision. When I was 12 years old, I had a boyfriend who wanted more than just kissing. We went to a school dance, me in a hand me down satin dress that was way too grown-up for me, and him in his best jeans. We sat side by side, never spoke, he finally dragged his chair over to his buddies. I sat there with with sweaty palms and a trembling heart.

    Finally the damn thing was over and my mom picked us up and took us home. When we dropped him at his house, his first and last words of the evening were, "Well, thanks anyway!" Next day he asked me for his locket back. Guess he thought it would be a nite of wild abandon since we were away from home. What an asshole. Probably we were both assholes.


  • LB

    I really didn't know her dress was caught in the door.

  • Cygnus

    Never dated much at all. But I had a great pseudodate on Tuesday. :-)

  • The_Bad_Seed

    The one I had with the WTS. We started seeing eachother after the first date 5 times a week, (I was very young, and impressionable) which led us to our untimely marriage in the early 90's. Things were good for a spell, only until I began to realize that she lied and stole compulsively from others. We started fighting, constantly getting into disagreements. I stopped reading her letters, and hanging on her every word, and we settled into the typical marriage arrangement -- unhappy, and stuck. Years passed, with no change. I decided to move out of the house, where we would only meet up once or twice a month, and would just sit and not participate in eachothers conversations.

    What was the point? I got a divorce, and am much happier now.

  • Crazy151drinker

    Well I have a couple, but dating a JW was the worst. It was very strange dating a girl and not being able to meet her parents becuase "I didnt exist". I hated having to sneak around and not being acknowledged. Oh well, she was a good lay.....

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  • joannadandy

    I got set up on a blind date once. A guy I had a class with tried to hook up me up with a friend of his. Very intelligent, not all that attractive, but I thought, what the hell, he seems really smart, and I find brains sexy--maybe this guy will grow on me. Nope. I have since amended that smart guys, who don't condsend, are sexy.

    Example: I was trying to be silly and make conversation, so I said "So how about that Global Warming huh? Are you for it or against it?" He said 'What?" so I repeated..."Are you for it or against it" I said with a giant smile on my face to let him know it was a joke. He sat there and stared at me, so I kept going.."Well frankly I am for it...I am cold all the time, and I hate cold feet, don't you?" He then broke into a 20 minute lecture about how awful global warming was, the castrophe facing the earth because of it, and how insensitive I was for being for it.

    The date was over at this point in my book.

    The whole night he talked about himself, blah blah blah--anytime I claimed little or no knowledge in a subject he brought up he became very patronizing...the dude was only 4 years older than me, but made a point of telling me how young and naive I was at every opportunity.

    This guy was a jackass loser with no manners, who was rude to the waitstaff and me.

    But this is the best part, at the end of dinner, he asked me if I wanted to go get a drink somewhere, (it was like 8:30) And I said-Nope, gotta go home. So he walked me to my car, and actually asked if he could call me sometime, to which I said "No, I don't think so" Smiled, said thank you for dinner, and good night. Hahaha!

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