WHOIS the Antichrist?

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    How about wow? LOL

    I just opened the thread and haven't scanned them yet. You do have quite a collection don't you.

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    Anti-Christ?How about the Watchtower?

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    The Devil

    I thought the answer to the question was pretty obvious.

    I AM!


  • JosephMalik

    Definition: Antichrist means against or insteadof Christ.


    This Watchtower definition does not mean much. The Watchtower and all its followers are Antichrist based upon this same definition not only in a general sense like this but in a very specific scriptural sense. Application is what matters and in scripture we do have a very specific application of this word such as the one offered by:


    2 John verse 7: "For many deceivers have gone forth into the world, persons not confessing Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh . >>> This is the deceiver and the antichrist."

    Now we have something to work with. And who is it that teaches that Jesus did not come in the flesh (after his resurrection of course since this is when the argument first surfaced). Well the apostles did for a while. Thomas did for a while. The Watchtower still does.

    You will find an article on this called Identifying the Antichrist that deals with Greg Staffords first book. I took his chapter on this doctrine and responded to it paragraph by paragraph. See for yourself, it is found at http://localsonly.wilmington.net/jmalik /


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  • Ralle002

    The Antichrist is a prophecy with a science background. It describes things that will happen in the future and we don't know the way how prophecy is possible.

    With the word Antichrist it is meant, that the lamb is probably an opponent of a political party and it has nothing to to with the circumstance, that it could be an opponent of Jesus. That's nonsense.

    the prophecy could match to me:

    I had decubitus in 2009;

    the doctors said to my brother, that my further stay in hospital wouldn't make sense.

    According to an information of my doctor the hospital day costed 666 EUR.

    After receipt of a tracheal stoma I was in a vegetative state.

    I 've a weak remembrance, that there was presumably a visit from catholic church with a pope-crown.

    many people believe that prophecy isn't possible at all, but I'm sure, that they are wrong.

    relevation 17

    7 heads = 7 mountains

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