So What's Over Your Mantelpiece Then?

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  • Mulan

    Great Lew. I love them both.

    Here is one on my wall, in the entry. It is of my husband's father's family. The youngest boy is my late father in law. It was taken about 1910. All the men were redheads. Big surprise, eh?

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  • Simon

    We have a picture / sketch that I drew ages ago. If I remember I will post a pic of it when I get home.

  • wasasister

    this hangs over my fireplace. I'll see if I can find a close-up.

    The Sea Hath Its Pearls, by W. H. Margetson

    She's me.

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  • somebody

    Here is a huge art piece I'd have hanging over my mantlepiece ( shelf over my fireplace) if I had a one.



  • joannadandy

    A giant moose head, oh wait no, that's what's haninging over my imaginary mantle piece in my imaginary home...I forget...

  • DakotaRed

    Here's another one I have hanging at the end of the hallway in my house;

    I picked this up on my first trip home from Vietnam during a short layover in Japan. My first wife gave it to a friend of hers after I got out of the Army, but after we split, I was able to get it back.

    Lew W

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  • onacruse

    I have a mantlepiece: it's also called a toupee.

    Out of consideration to you all, I will not post the pic! hehe

  • somebody


    I feel like I should run for cover because I like that last picture you inseerted in the post. The one that you said "or this one" to.

    I think it's beautiful. Maybe not a piece of art I'd hang over my mantle, but something I think is beautiful to my eyes. And thought about COMF when I saw it. He sees what beauty as I see it.

  • COMF

    Hi, Somebody! I'm touched by your mention of me in connection with classical art. Yes, I do enjoy it a lot. I'm going to post a picture of my mantel if I get permission (you'll understand if/when you see the picture).

    That third picture Eman posted is "Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli. When it comes to that subject, I'm more drawn to the "Birth of Venus" by Alexandre Cabanel. This partly a matter of style, and partly due to my inherent preference for women of classical size.

    William A. Bouguereau also did a fine job with this subject. This one won't be hanging over my mantel, but I could certainly see it hanging in the bath, or better yet, in a hot tub area (properly protected from the elements, of course).

  • Trauma_Hound

    I don't have a mantle either, but I have works by my friend bear.

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