Ozzie's Weekend Poll #15

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  • joeshmoe

    I've probably got around 500 books (do a lot of library reading too). I really haven't noticed a difference since I got out of dubdom a couple months ago . Maybe I read a little more, but I've always been a big reader (despite being a witness most of my life).

    I like using the books to chronicle myself. An early teen love affair with cheesy science fiction. A streak of true crime in High School, a nasty little fetish with self-help I'm glad to say I'm over, and a current bent toward first-time fiction novels (I kinda love that feeling of supporting new writers. "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel is my latest favorite). Yep, I think I'm just your typical booknerd.


  • joeshmoe

    P.S. Ozzie, love the weekend polls! I know I don't post to them often, but I always enjoy them.

  • Dino

    *Dino fulfills civic duty and participates in ozziepoll*

    11. Over 2500 books and rising.


  • YoursChelbie

    Your brothers in Freedom's service,

    Ozzie and Posters Society

    I had never seen this before!

    I'd like to be part of the "OZZIE AND POSTERS SOCIETY."

    I already spend a lot of time in the informal "FREEDOM SERVICE" planting seeds of real truth with deserving ones...

    P.S. I estimate that I own a grand total of.......380 books. A good number of reference books, some health and fitness guides and many children's books that my children enjoy.


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  • zenpunk

    51 - 100, none of them WTS books. I read a lot more these days.

  • rosalyn

    Ozzie.....All right all ready. I know I should have been counting. I have had three weeks.

    I humbly thank you for the extension.

    Still tapping my toes to the music from yesterday's EARTH, AIR,FIRE AND WATER Celtic Roots Festival in lake side Goderich, Ontario.

    One of your fellow countrymen was singing and playing. James Fagan. He accompanied a lovely young woman, Nancy Kerr from Northumberland who could dazzle the audience with her fiddle and beautiful voice. Many performers from Ireland, Scotland and England were also in attendance.

    Hey Ozzie .....I have an idea......have you done a poll about music yet? Have taken quick at look your other polls but alas I can't remember.....


    I know I shall get a reprimand for not staying on topic but it's so fun to stray r.

  • ozziepost

    That's okay, Rosalyn, remember that you don't HAVE to now. Old borg habits die hard, eh?

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Princess

    We have lots of books Ozzie. My husband likes to collect them and I like to read them and give them away! I keep my faves though.

    I also go to the library frequently!


  • rosalyn

    number 9?.....shoot now I can't remember which number was for about 500. I didn't really count them individually.....sorry....but I know it's lots.....now I just need to get reading them....where are my glasses?

    don't do well with remembering numbers Mr. Ozzie.....but you know what I mean.

    and seeing that you have been so kind to consider my requests in the past I shall go out on the limb once again and make another request or suggestion

    the board fills up so fast that OZZIES polls seem to get lost many pages down very quickly.

    so I was wondering if a little reminder would be helpful somewhere before the next poll starts.

    this would be so beneficial for those that haven't had a chance to scroll down to page 13 or even 20 to catch your polls

    had to hunt to find this poll again.

    And I just have to do this.....

    suggested reading.....The Chrysalids(sp?).....by John Wyndam.....that book reminds me of all of us in certain places.

    yours truly


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