Ozzie's Weekend Poll #15

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  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    Owyergoin' on this fine weekend? Here in New South Wales, it's been beaut, brilliant, great and yet it's still terrible! How come? 'Cos we haven't seen rain in....well, we've forgotten.... and the eastern states are gripped by one of the worst droughts on record. The irony is that you guys in Europe are "enjoying" plenty of rain, eh?

    Nonetheless, it was really beautiful driving in the Southern Highlands with Mrs Ozzie today. Ahhh, those beautiful rolling hills of the highlands! Sheer magic. We stopped by a village pub. Just like yours, Eman! We decided to toast you poms with a pint of the best Kilkenny drop. Very nice it was too.

    Anyway, in Oz it's late Sunday arvo and it's time to put our feet up and do a poll. Are you ready?

    This weekend's poll is in response to a request after Poll #12:

    Now Ozzie you need to do a follow up. How many do we have now that we are out?

    This was the reply that our poster recieved:

    Dear Sister Rosalyn,

    Your request has been passed to the Writing Department who have replied that it indeed would be "meat in due season".

    They suggest you keep checking the board to see the 'new light'.

    Your brothers in Freedom's service,

    Ozzie and Posters Society

    So, the question for this week's poll is:

    Now that you are no longer an active Dub, how many books do you have in your personal library ?

    1. None

    2. 1 - 10

    3. 11 - 20

    4. 21 - 40

    5. 41 - 50

    6. 51 - 100

    7. 101 - 200

    8. 201 - 300

    9. 301 - 500

    10. 501 - 1,000

    11. More than 1,000

    Previous polls can be found by clicking on these links:




    Enjoy your polling.

    Cheers, Ozzie

    Freedom means not having to wear a tie.

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  • Prisca

    8. 201 - 300

    I buy more books than I have time or mental energy to read. I'll read them when I retire (in 30 years' time, sigh)

  • Vivamus

    10, Close to a thousand.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend you all!


  • ISP

    30 or so for me.

    Not counting magazines.


  • rosalyn

    I have misplaced 3 library books so I have to start ripping apart my bookshelves to see if I accidentally shoved them in there. While I do that I shall be tallying......But not today.....I have a folk festival to go today.

    Luv ya brotha


  • rosalyn

    PRISCA I too have more than I can read.....even in my retirement......but it feels so good to have them there. And I do part with them too. Just gave a box of Catherine Cookson novels to a friend the other day. I got them very cheaply....almost free.


  • ozziepost

    While I do that I shall be tallying......But not today.....I have a folk festival to go today.

    But you've had three weeks to count them!! Your request for a time extension has been passed to the Service Department.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • ozziepost

    A reply has already been receievd from the WTS Service Department:

    Dear Sister Rosalyn,

    Your request has been passed to the Service Department who have written to your congregation elders requesting they confirm your qualifications for special privileges.

    In the meantime, as a mark of Jehovah's loving organisation, the brothers are prepared to allow you an extension of time before submitting your report.

    Your brothers in Freedom's service,

    Ozzie and Posters Society

  • Stephanus

    My guess is over 1000. However I was never a Dub. But I was a pentecostal, and having a brain and using it caused no small consternation among the babbling-in-tongues faithful. I was counselled more than once to burn (at least some of) my book collection. I had a mate who did Latin at uni who was counselled to burn all his Latin literature - all those Pagan Romans, you see!

  • Larry

    Love that question - Answer: 9) 301-400

    While in the BORG, I've read everything the BORG had to offer. Every publication From 1800's - 1990's, every article in the W&A from 1985-1997. I loved it all, I even use to write article reviews for personal usage. However, I outgrew the BORG, and that's when my eyes began to open. Prior to leaving the BORG, I've read maybe 2 or 3 non-jw books. But once I left, I started reading everything under the sun. I can't believe how much ignorance I was for all those years. Anyway, I love reading non-fiction books, I was living in fiction long enough :)

    Peace - LL

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