How to See, Hear and Know God...

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    May you all have peace!

    And may you indulge me in fulfilling my commission to my Lord to obey his voice and go... to the Household of God, Israel, to those that go with them, and to ANY who are wishing, thirsting and hearing... and extend His invitation to know Him. I also ask Simon's indulgence in allowing me to post this hear, versus in the "Bible" or "Beliefs" sections, as it is where I have been directed to speak. Thank you!

    Although I have been absent for several weeks lately (ummm... a little bit of daily "life" had to take precedence for a moment...), I have felt the 'call' and heard my Lords voice directing me to return and once again invite those who wish it to know God and come to be known BY God. For those of you who don't 'know' me, I have been coming here for a while, so that I am not a "newbie", by any stretch. For those of you who do know me or think you do and have heard the message... I ask you, please... to bear with.

    Without going into too much detail (click on "members" and much of what you might want to know can be found in threads I've posted/posted to), by the Spirit of my Father, the Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies, who has granted me the gift of His Spirit by means of His Son, my Lord, JAHESHUA (JAH Saves pronounced Yah-E-Shua or Joshua) MISCHAJAH (Chosen/Anointed of JAH pronounced Mee-sha-Yah), I have again been directed to answer some of the questions that many who were formerly enslaved... by the WTBTS and perhaps other religious institutions/doctrines... have:

    1. Is there a God? If so, who is He and what is His name?

    2. WHERE is He?

    3. Does God love us; is He interested in us?

    4. How can we come to see Him, hear Him, know Him?

    5. Where did we come from, and why are we here?

    Please know that I can get a bit wordy, particularly when I forget and start to do my own "thing", but will try with all of my might to simply follow my Lord's voice, and state the facts, as I have heard/hear them from him. For those of you who are a bit more "noble-minded", I will endeavor to include Biblical support (but not always the specific scripture or verse you must do SOME of the work) of what I am given to share with you, so that you know what I am relating here is not my own contrivance. For those of you who doubt period, I can only ask that you open your mind... and your heart... to the possibilities.

    For those of you with faith, with your own ears to hear, I beg you: do NOT listen to ME... but hear what the SPIRIT says to you as you read. If something doesn't sound "right" or "true", then I implore you: "TEST the inspired expression" by either looking it up... or asking our Lord yourself, directly. Either way, you can thereafter put faith in the answer you receive. What all of that being said, I will begin.

    (Oh! My sincerest apologies! My Lord has reminded me that I do need to make one request, which is although what I am going to relate to you was indeed inspired meaning I received it BY the Spirit while being IN the spirit and told to write I must ask you to not make little books. Rather, I would ask you to take what you can into your HEART write it there and do not print and distribute a copy of this. Why? Because I, too, am but earthling man in whom you are not to put your trust. While I will endeavor to speak JUST as I heard, the information is NOT to glorify me but the One from whom I received it. If you desire, you can direct a friend or loved one here to read, or you can relate the information to them yourself (if its on your heart, you will remember it!), but I would ask that you not print it out for their OWN spiritual safety. You see, we, earthling man, have a tendency to follow others of earthling man whom WE think tend to have some special place. But in TRUTH, dear ones, I am a least one a servant to you and all of mankind by means of belonging to Christ, who has commissioned me. Since HE emptied himself out and took a slaves form, and a slave is not greater than his master, I, therefore, being HIS slave, must follow that pattern. And I am not so because he asked me to or commanded me to; I do it, because I WANT to, in following HIS example. Therefore, ALL glory should and MUST be given to that One. This is NOT mine, but only what I received.)

    Now, to continue:

    Is there a God?

    Absolutely. In fact, there are MANY gods, which are beings who are made of a SPIRITUAL nature, rather than an earthly one. Spirit beings, of which God is one, and the highest form of that life type, are beings who are celestial, rather than terrestrial. They originate from the spirit realm, which an actual place of existence, versus originating from the earth, or physical realm, which is also an actual place.

    If so, who is He?

    Actually, He is the father of all creation, that which exists in the spirit realm as well as the physical realm, with the exception of Death. Death, His counter-part, has existed for the same time. He is Life; His enemy or brother is Death. There have been those, however, who have rejected Him as their father father being the one who BEGAT or gave life to one. Instead, they have chosen another father, another one to beget them: Death. For example, Adam who already had a father, one who gave him life and thus whom he owed his life TO chose to obey Death. Thus, Death became HIS (Adams father) and passed on his progeny (Deaths) to Adams offspring us.

    God is the father of all creation, in the since that He is the one who gave life to the One from whom all TRUE life springs. His Son, my Lord. By granting that One His Spirit His life force God enabled His Son to bring to life everlastingly ANY who exercise faith in him. Thus, HE (the Christ) is called ETERNAL Father, meaning one who begets life ETERNALLY.

    What is His Name?

    His name is JAH. Psalm 68:4 However, early in the history of Israel, He identified Himself as JAH of Armies or JHVH (YHWH). Although some have mistakenly mistranslated/mistransliterated these consonants to be JeHoVaH , YaHWeH is more correct. However, it is actually the Hebrew letter J (and NOT Y), which is a yohdh. Because its SOUND is like a Y, scholars have assumed it to BE a Y. But it is not; it is a J that SOUNDS like a Y. Thus, the word JAH while spelled with a J or yohdh is PRONOUNCED Yah.

    The latter part of the name, WH, is the ancient Hebrew letters Waw (W) and He (H), which are PRONOUCED like a V and an airy H, respectively. Thus, when you see the consonants YHWH, it is in truth JHWH or JHVH and is PRONOUCED Yah-Veh (Hebrews pronounce Js like Ys and Ws, like Vs. My Fathers name, then, is JAH (JaH) of Armies (Veh), Jah, who brings armies into existence, or Jah, who cause armies to become.

    This armies part: is about military might? No, dear ones it has to do with NUMBERS. Count the stars. Count the galaxies. Count the sands of the sea. Count the angels. Count Abrahams seed. Jah causes armies to become.

    Where is He?

    Because God is a SPIRIT, He truthful existence is in that realm the SPIRIT realm. Which is NOT light years away, but very close. In fact, it is inside us (in your midst), outside of us, all around us (for He is not far off from any one of us). It is WE who actually are in IT although we are SEPARATED by the flesh. Flesh with its blood cannot enter. However, SPIRIT can and we all have spirits, which I will discuss below.

    We have been misled, however, into thinking that Heaven (the spirit realm) is geographically distanced from us. This is due to the events at Babel, as well as the Psalmists words that the earth is [Gods] footstool. Earthling mans interpretation of both of those accounts, however, are misleading. More accurate is the account where Gods servant, Jacob, saw angels ascending and descending from a great stairway or ladder from Heaven. Such ones were NOT ascending and descending to and from some physical place, but from one REALM to another. And it was not far off, as Jacob could see it. We cant usually see it, however, because WE EXIST IN FLESH! And flesh is the curtain that separates us from God. It is the covering that God gave to Adam to hide his (Adams) nakedness. Which was NOT his loins (Adam had already covered that, had he not?) but his HEART! His motivation, which was naked and unclean. Being in a body that could go in and out of the spirit realm, Adam was openly exposed. His uncleanliness, then, which was what was in his HEART had to be hidden, covered, clothed. So, God gave him a long garment of skin the flesh we have NOW with its blood. The flesh he had BEFORE did not have red hemoglobin (for flesh with ITS blood cannot enter). Adam was able to enter, to be placed in the Garden of Eden (which was the SPIRIT realm on EARTH) by means of having GODs blood in Him holy spirit!

    It was THIS blood, holy spirit that was poured out by my Lord at Pentecost 30 CE. Thus, when pierced bloodand WATER came out from him, indicating in a fleshly sense what would take place later, in a SPIRITUAL sense. Since Adam and Christ were equal in all respects, Adam then, had holy spirit as blood initially, and NOT red hemoglobin. My Lord is the REVERSE of that: red hemoglobin, THEN holy spirit! And red hemoglobin MUST return to the dust but the SPIRIT returns to God.

    Does God love us?

    Believe it or not, He does. Greatly. Enough to give His Son as a sacrifice, to allow him to suffer, be tortured and put to death to redeem, repurchase us from Death. How is that, exactly? Well, in choosing Death as his father, as the one who subsequently beget him and put HIS (Deaths) life into him, Adam literally sold us TO Death. We, who were created to be FREE as free as any other spirit being we SOLD by Adam to Death by means of sin. You see, the wages of sin is Death. Adam sinned first, and since him, we all sin sooner or later one way or another. We cant avoid it, really, for it exists in the BODIES that we have inherited from Adam.

    God, though, did not want us to always be enslaved; yet, law was law. The wage was the wage. Yet, Death had a price: Gods own Son (actually His OTHER Son, for Death already had one (Adam) and there WERE two. If God would give His OTHER Son as well, Death would release its hold on mankind. Adam sold us to a price had to be paid. And God loved us so much He gave the ransom price His Son. Even for those who do NOT love God. And is this not the proof of perfection not only that you love your neighbor, but that you love even your enemies?

    Is He interested in us?

    Yes, He is. Given the world events since Adam, it may not seem that way, but in truth, He does. We, though, in our limited thinking AND our limited LOVE tend to think selfishly (what about me?) as well as limitedly (why hasnt/doesnt He do/done something about?) But while God is indeed interested in ALL of mankind, He has only CONTRACTED to care for those who are His OWN by means of Christ! Now, how is THAT fair, you may ask? Well, one thing my Lord has shown me and I have learned in my short 40+ years, is that our sight and vision is very limited short. We tend to only take into account what occurs during our own life spans. Then, we tend to forget what may have happened before us.

    But just as we today know that slavery in the U.S. occurred and the Holocaust occurred there also many events that occurred LONG before us. One of those events was the REJECTION of Jah by mankind. Mankind in general (during Noahs day), and Israel specifically (just before the anointing of King Saul). Unfortunately, dear ones, our forefathers have made all kinds of decisions that effect future generations. For some reason, when selling their souls to the Devil, as Adam did, they are VERY short-sighted. All they can see and think about is the here and now. Even today, many make decisions that will have long-terms effects that they either cant consider, dont consider, or dont care about. Mans rejection of God was one of them.

    BUT God allowed a provision by means of His Son that just as under the Law Covenant, were He vowed His care of Israel IF they honored Him as their God (and not by building altars, but by how they treated one another!), a NEW Covenant has been established with the same caveat: love God your neighbor and your enemies NOT as YOU deem worthy, but as He has TOLD you to Isaiah 58:6-9 and He is BOUND by a COVENANT to care for you! Just He was with Israel. But we, puny earthling man, although either not recognizing that Covenant and its features/requirements, or constantly transgressing it blame God when it is we ourselves who default.

    Now many have taught, continue to teach and continue to BELIEVE that such Covenant is one and same as the Law Covenant. It is NOT, dear ones. For under the Law Covenant, if you transgressed one you pretty much transgressed them all. AND some transgressions called for your death, literally. Not so, the New Covenant. It is one where if YOU forgive, if YOU release, if YOU do not hold account of the injury, if YOU do not judge, and if YOU do not condemn you will BE forgiven, you will BE released, YOUR injuries will not be held into account, YOU will not be judged and YOU will not be condemned. Thus, as you forgive others THEIR trespasses, you will be forgiven YOUR trespasses and you will gain LIFE rather than judgment and everlasting destruction! Matthew 7:1; Luke 6:37

    In this light, Gods laws are NOT burdensome! They are quite simple and He was interested enough in us to tell us what they were, by means of His Son. It is we, however, who continue separated from God, in that we hold onto grudges, animosity and hatred which show us to be sons of the Devil, rather than sons of God.

    How can we come to see Him, hear Him, know Him?

    All of these are by means of one way the Son of God, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCAJAH. For NO ONE comes to God, except THROUGH that One. John 14:6

    And it is not that difficult a task, really, depending on how hard your heart is. If you want to see God, all you must do is see Christ. And you see Christ, IN YOURSELF when you MANIFEST him IN you. This is done by allowing him INTO you into your HEART your ARK of the Covenant between you and God and letting him dwell there make his abode there. What does that mean? It means conducting yourself in the manner taught us by Christ. In this way, your heart becomes SOFTENED so that he can ENTER and reside there. And it becomes softened, so that he can write his laws there. If, however, your nature is to be angry, antagonistic, hateful, spiteful, etc., then your heart will not PERMIT him to enter. He cant, dear ones for he cannot dwell in an unclean temple. And YOU we are the temple! 1 Corinthians 3:16

    You see, initially, God gave Moses instructions to erect a tent/tabernacle (temporary dwelling place), for His spirit to reside among Israel. Why? Because while in the wilderness, their murmuring, lack of faith, maltreatment of each other and failure to listen to the voice of God rendered Israel unclean. So He COULDNT reside in them! A place had to be built. Later, Solomon constructed a more permanent house, the temple at Jerusalem. But that, too, was temporary, yes? Gods PURPOSE, however, was to build a house that was permanent. That house started with Christ, into whom Gods spirit entered upon coming up from the Jordan, and who later began the building of the REST of the House us... starting at Pentecost 30 CE, when the spirit of God that had ABANDONED the temple at Jerusalem and entered into my Lord, was POURED OUT by him to enter into the people in the upper room! Acts 2:4

    Thus, the cloud of smoke (by day) and flame (by night) that previously existed over the Most Holy of the temple at Jerusalem was now IN THE PEOPLE constituting THEM to be the temple in which Gods spirit would now dwell. Ephesians 2:19-21 That is why my Lord was recorded to have said, In my Fathers house there are MANY abodes (or places for His spirit to dwell!).

    So, you soften your heart so as to HEAR and LISTEN when my Lord, the Son of God speaks to you. Please note that saying, He doesnt speak to ME, or I cant/dont hear him does NOT mean he is not speaking. It means that you are not LISTENING! Why? Several reasons:

    1. Youve been told and believe that he DOESNT speak. But, he does. John 10:1-8, 27; Hebrews 12:12; 1:2

    2. You do not want to hear what he is saying (i.e., You dont REALLY want to do that/say that/feel that way, do you? or That one is hungry; YOU should feed him/her. Or Your brother/friend/neighbor/enemy needs you go!) No, you talk yourself OUT of what you hear, telling yourself either:

    a. I didnt really hear anything;

    b. It was me talking to myself;

    c. He/she/it is not MY problem.

    But when it all boils down, dear ones, none of these will matter. What will MATTER is whether you OBEYED. Whether although saying you would go you did not, or saying you would NOT go you did. Matthew 25:34-46;

    Where did we come from, and why are we here?

    All of us originated in the spirit realm. My Father, JAH, has two (2) wives: one, the Earth (the physical realm, Hagar, whose children are of the flesh because they walk BY the flesh, according to the things seen and are thus, enslaved), and one, Jerusalem Above, (the spirit realm, Sarah, whose children are born of spirit, and thus they walk BY the spirit, according to the thing unseen and thus, are FREE!) Both women are represented by Covenants one which enslaves her children and leads to Death and one which sets her children FREE and leads to Life. And because God is LOVE He does not choose for us which mother we have, no more than He chooses which father. The choice, since Adam has ALWAYS been ours. Galatians 4:21-26

    We are the seed of the SPIRIT realm, which was thrown down or sown in the PHYSICAL realm due to having enemies in the spirit realm that wished to destroy it. Here, we are treasure hidden in earthen vessels the physical body the original one of which was given to Adam, who later sold us into a different body, one controlled by sin and Death. Thus, we are captives, but PRAISE JAH my Lord has given his life to carry us away from such captivity! Matthew 13:35; 2 Corinthians 4:7; Ephesians 1:4; Romans 7:23; Psalm 68:18

    Those enemies have as their purpose our destruction. Why? Because by means of THEM Death can rule the world. Indeed, Death already DOES rule; however, not supremely! For in the midst of his enemies, Death being the last enemy, my Lord is subduing those who would live! By means of HIM the LIFE will rule and bring end even to Death. Right now, there are two (2) who have authority: the high priest and agent (broker) of Death, Satan, our Adversary and the ruler of this world, and the High Priest and Agent (broker) of Life, my Lord, the Son of God, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH. Both have authority; however, my Lord has been given ALL authority, so that Death does not rule over him indeed Death had NO hold on him! It is by means of HIM, then, that Death can have NO hold on us, either! Not perpetually! Ephesians 6:12; Revelation 12:17; John 8:44; Revelation 1:18; Revelation 20:14; 21:4; Hosea 13:14; 1 Corinthians 15:55

    If, however, you obtain the Spirit of God, HOLY SPIRIT, so that flows freely within you, it is by means of this that you can see the Christ. For you enter into the spirit realm, where flesh (with its blood) cannot enter. Or, when he appears to you, you will discern him! Not with your eyes of flesh but with your eyes of FAITH. For faith, dear ones is NOT blind but sees ALL things and hears ALL things clearly.

    There is only One by which you can receive such spirit, however. For there is only one to whom it has been entrusted for dispensing. True, he himself grants the gift of dissemination to others; however, it is NOT their gift, but his. What do you need to do? Exercise faith and ask. But you must ask WITHOUT DOUBTING. And you must, as said before, soften your heart so as to RECEIVE it! - Luke 11:13; Acts 10:3, 4, 44, 45; 19:1-6

    Is this receipt of holy spirit important? Indeed, it is. Why? Because it is by means of it that you will have life IN YOURSELVES so as to not be branded by Death as belonging to HIM permanently. It is by means of it that you see, hear and understand that which is spiritual, which is TAUGHT by my Lord, by his spirit, the Spirit of the Truth, Holy Spirit. By means of having this spirit in you, God, through Christ, can communicate with you, for your SPIRIT bears witness with HIS spirit! It is the BAPTISM that is SAVING you that which is by fire and SPIRIT, versus the baptism of John, which is merely by water.

    And how do you come to KNOW God? By means of KNOWING Christ. If you hear, see and know Christ, you will hear, see and KNOW God. For although he is NOT God he is the IMAGE of God, the EXACT REPRESENTATION OF THE LIVING GOD. And it is through him, Christ, that God comes to know YOU. For he is the One who pleads to God on your behalf so as to make it known to God what the truth of your heart really is!

    And you can know Christ by being in union with him. This, by obeying his commandments, primarily to love but also a very small thing that is brought out at John 6:48-55; 6:56 and 15:7. It is, indeed, a small thing, and one might ask, why is it necessary, then? But you know and have heard that he that is faithful in what is LEAST is faithful in much. It is a command then, in order to give you LIFE in yourselves.

    I know I have gone on. At times, I thought I was finished, when my Lord directed me to press on. And so, now, here is the result. There is more, certainly, but not much more that will show you the Way. But there is a better means to know and understand any and all of this, and that is to KEEP SEEKING, KEEP ASKING and KEEP KNOCKING. If you do, it is promised it WILL be opened to you.

    I bid you the greatest of love. May the undeserved kindness and mercy of my God and Father, the Holy One of Israel, whose name is JAH of Armies and the peace of His Son and Christ, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH be upon you you and your entire household if you so wish it.

    A servant to the Household of God, Israel, to those who go with them, as well as to all of mankind,


  • Vivamus
    For those of you with faith, with your own ears to hear, I beg you: do NOT listen to ME

    And at this point you lost me.

    I have been hurt too much, to still believe in God.

    Peace, Viv.

  • AGuest

    "I have been hurt too much, to still believe in God."

    May ask, dear Vivamus (and the greatest of peace to you!), hurt by whom? God? Or 'earthling man' in whom you were told NOT to "put your trust"? Perhaps God knows your 'hurt', borne of being misled by false christs, false prophets, wicked men and 'bad shepherds', your abuse at the hands of false scribes (copiers of "law") and wicked Pharisees (non-anointed men to put themselves over the chosen of God)... "offspring of vipers"... who 'seat themselves in the seat of Moses' and tell you to listen to THEM... saying that THEY are the 'truth' and that THEY are the 'way' to God?

    Indeed, perhaps God has heard YOUR prayer... to know the truth... and is opening that Door to you

    John 10:1-15

    Perhaps you are not knocking out loud... but rather, it is, after all, the HEART... and the kidneys... that my Father examines, by means of my Lord, yes? So, while your words say that you no longer believe in God, I don't 'hear' that same sentiment coming from your heart.

    But my Father is patient, dear one. And kind. Not like 'earthling man', who places burdens upon you and exacts a price from you. And indeed, if He has heard you... in time, you will hear Him, too. By means of Christ. IF... you do not let your heart become too hardened.

    May the undeserved kindness and mercy of my God and Father, the Holy One of Israel, JAH OF ARMIES, and the peace of His Son and Christ, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH... be upon you... to time indefinite... if you so wish it.

    YOUR servant, and a slave of Christ,


  • THP

    1. Is there a God? If so, who is He and what is His name?

    2. WHERE is He?

    3. Does God love us; is He interested in us?

    4. How can we come to see Him, hear Him, know Him?

    5. Where did we come from, and why are we here?

    1. God is nature and you can call God anything you like.

    2. All around you

    3. If you love yourself then you will be interested in yourself and perhaps even love the rest of natures creation.

    4.Take a good look inside yourself and then do the same with the rest of Gods creation.

    5.We all came from our parents and we are here because they found each other for good or bad.

    Sj it doesn't have to be complicated and we do not need to shift responsability from ourselves onto some other entity. You might then ask how will I be saved but my question is saved from what?

    THP who only hears voices in his head after chewing on mushrooms

  • Vivamus
    tell you to listen to THEM... saying that THEY are the 'truth' and that THEY are the 'way' to God?

    Yes, that would summarize it. And if God knows, why didn't he do anything? My faith in God died, SJ.

    IF he exists, he failed me by allowing them to hurt me.


  • AGuest

    "... if God knows, why didn't he do anything?"

    Do what, exactly, Viv? Kill them? Or... open your eyes? Tell me, do you 'see' now what you 'saw' then?

    "My faith in God died, SJ."

    Perhaps. Only you... God... and Christ... know the truth of that.

    "IF he exists, he failed me by allowing them to hurt me."

    "Allowing" them to hurt you. Tell me, please, if you will, Viv... by whose decree was it that you were even a part of them? God's? And yet, did He NOT tell you not to put your trust in earthling man? Did He NOT tell you that man... will DOMINATE man... to his own injury? Did He not tell you to listen to His Son? And did not that Son tell you to take HIS 'yoke' upon you?

    Who, then, really "allowed" them to hurt you? Did not you yourself or your parents, perhaps? Or is it the same for you as it was for Adam (i.e., "The parents/elders/ministers/preachers/clergy/self that YOU gave me...")?

    Truly, did I hurt my child(ren) in the hypothetical gave Plum... or did the 'babysitter'?

    It's okay to be 'mad' at God, Viv. Unlike earthling man, He understands... and patiently tolerates such from us... with a caveat: may I direct you, then, to Psalm 4:4? And also to Job 33:13-17? If you would condescend to read those, I hope then, too, that you will have 'ears'... to hear.

    Again, I bid you the greatest of peace.

    Your servant... and a slave of Christ,


  • pomegranate

    My opinion here only...

    <sarcasm on> Yeah Viv, if you listen to Aguest, all your hurt and pain is YOUR OWN DARN FAULT. What the hecks a matter with you anyway? <sarcasm off>

    GOOD STINKIN' GRIEF. You call that consoling Aguest, blaming the victim for pain and hurt that was not self inflicted?? That's what the JW's do with child abuse too. Blame the victim for the SINS OF SOMEONE ELSE. Spiritual ABUSE is as criminal as physical abuse. In either case, the victim IS NOT THE ONE TO BLAME.

    Sorry, I don't buy into that at all Aguest. The hurt and pain she is feeling is the direct result of a brilliant deception of which even "scholarly" minds are blinded by.

    Viv, you can yell at me if you want. I did butt in uninvited and I know your feeling down...but I had to express my feelings here.

    Sorry for the offense before hand if i did.

  • Satanus

    I checked in here, just in case you actually set out a formula for the title of your thread. *Sigh* You can always edit, you know.


  • AGuest

    Greetings, dear 'Priest... and may you have peace!

    What you've stated 'sounds' quite good; however, I am not sure I can agree with you on all counts:

    1. God is nature

    And yet, God is 'good' and is 'life', while nature, although APPEARING 'beautiful' is full of badness and death. Yes, I could elaborate (as I am sure some will invite me to), but I will leave it at that and ask the rather than looking at nature 'from a distance'... you look at it personal... and up close. See... the REALITY of it. Or not. Your choice (we DO love to fool ourselves and put faith in the ILLUSION of beauty and perfection, don't we?)

    ... and you can call God anything you like.

    Well, not exactly. By means of His Son, He has given me the name by which I am to call Him, JAH...of Armies. When getting personal, I simply call Him 'Father', or 'dear Father'. I think that to disregard His wishes, as He has related them to me, would be rude... and most unloving. Don't you?

    2. All around you

    Absolutely... though not in nature, but the POTENTIAL of nature. I DO see His 'invisible qualities' in the creation, but not in the leaves, so much as the LIFE of the tree; not so much in the newborn child, but in the LOVE in the new parents' eyes...

    3. If you love yourself then you will be interested in yourself and perhaps even love the rest of natures creation.

    I agree that self-love is crucial, for you cannot love your neighbor... or any form of life... AS you love yourself... if you don't love yourself.

    4.Take a good look inside yourself and then do the same with the rest of Gods creation.

    Hmmmm... honestly? And I mean to be honest here, very... there is NOTHING 'good' inside me outside of the fact that Christ dwells there. Inside ME... are... let's see... jealousies, envies, murders... yada, yada, yada. Okay, not overwhelmingly so, but they're there. They're in all of us. Every once in awhile we ALL get these 'bad' thoughts, feelings and desires. For me, however, I have learned to reduce some, and eliminate others, so that they do not necessarily lead ME. I learned that by asking for the utilizing the 'fruits' of GOD's spirit, rather than the 'fruits' of my own spirit.

    And those things I cannot yet 'conquer', my Lord has mercifully deigned to cover over. But what others see as 'good' about me, I cannot take credit for. I would be lying to you, perpetrating something and someone that I am not. I know me, 'Priest. I do, because the Light revealed me TO me. Thus, I know what I am... and what is in me... and I ain't got ANY 'illusions of grandeur.' John 3:19-21; Revelation 3:17-20

    However, in seeing and knowing ME... and what is in ME... I am now FREE to feel love, pity, compassion, empathy, sympathy and joy over all other living things... because in knowing myself, my TRUE self, and that I am NO better that any other, superior to none... but instead a 'least' one... before all... I can freely feel all others... superior to me... and not 'trip'. Being 'least' has its own... ummmm... 'rewards'.

    5.We all came from our parents and we are here because they found each other for good or bad.

    Physically, you are absolutely correct. However, we are more than just physical beings, dear 'Priest. Indeed, if you cut off my arms and legs, change my eye color, hair color, transplant my heart, my lungs and my kidneys... the 'man' that I am ON THE INSIDE... the one INSIDE the 'earthen vessel'... will still be the same. We are, therefore, products of where we 'come from'. Some of us can only remember 'coming' from homes here in the physical world. Others of us, however, have had our memories 'restored'... or are in the process... and can recall who we were 'before the world was'.

    Sj it doesn't have to be complicated...

    Indeed. I absolutely agree.

    ... and we do not need to shift responsability from ourselves onto some other entity.

    May I ask you to go back and reread my comments to Plum and Viv, 'Priest? It is my position, as taught me by my Lord, that we are INDEED responsible for ourselves. Yet, it is WE, earthling man, who tend to need to shift that responsibility. More often than not, we shift it to God.

    You might then ask how will I be saved...

    No, not necessarily. While, as my brother, and I am, in a sense, your 'keeper', that refers to your physical well-being and what I have 'with me' that can be of benefit. As for your spiritual salvation, that belongs to One... and he has not directed me with regard to you, specifically. So, no, I might not ask that... at least, not at this time.

    but my question is saved from what?

    Hmmmm... I dunno. Yourself, maybe? Death? Judgment? (Shelby spread fingers, raises palms and elbows... and shrugs like confused 5-year old...)

    THP who only hears voices in his head after chewing on mushrooms

    Ah, yes... 'nature'. I like 'shrooms, too, HP (the non-hallucegenic but quite tasty ones). But I don't have to eat them to hear... and I certainly don't have to leave my home... (you know, to go buy/pick mushrooms...)


    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • AGuest

    Actually, you are right, 'Pom (and peace to you!)... to some degree...

    In a sense, I did blame the 'victim' here. Perhaps I shouldn't have, just as I cannot blame my "children" but rather, only the "babysitter". My apologies, Viv... truly... but, I DO think that I would have to hold my "children" SOMEWHAT accountable... IF... I had forewarned them.

    My intent, however, was not to blame, but to show the error of blaming God. In TRUTH, while it is usually the abuser (MOSTLY the abuser), there are times when we make decisions ourselves, against the better advice of our parents, etc., and experience repercussions. It is SAD... but it is TRUE.

    So, just like Viv's parents would have most likely warned her against 'talking to strangers' for fear that she might be abused, abducted or worse, killed... and it is OVERWHELMINGLY the abuser's fault that abuse occurs, heeding the advice could have helped, yes? Maybe. But you certainly can't blame the parents, can you? I mean, they DID try, didn't they?

    Or perhaps the parents were duped themselves by the abuser, believing him/her to be a 'good' person. Perhaps they were 'misled'. But by whom, the abuser, yes?

    It is the same, then, with blaming God. He TRIED. And whether you and others wish to accept the TRUTH of that, is up to you.

    Very few wish to take responsibility for ourselves. More than that, we don't even want to put the blame in its proper place: ON THE ABUSERS... the false prophets, false christs, evil scribes and bad Pharisees. Nope. It's 'easier' to blame God. Why? Because we can't SEE Him... but we CAN see those who misled us... and it's just too hard to believe that they would knowingly or willingly do such a thing. No, it's God's fault. HE... 'let them'.

    Okay. (Sigh!)


    A slave of Christ,


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