i normally don't do this but...

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  • Matty

    When you said "i normally don't do this but..." it reminded me a little bit of how I felt yesterday as well. We have good days, and we have bad days. I really hope that all the love we're sending you helps you. The encouragement of all my friends on this board has meant a great deal to me, and really keeps me going.

    ((((((incense)))))), you've really made a huge impact here in the short time you've been posting, and I really adore your posts. Don't ever hold back on saying how you feel, we need to support each other, it's what we're all here for!

  • Imbue


    Time, distance and some new friends is the only cure for a broken heart. I hope you heart heals soon.

    Psst.. do I have a pic of him?..teasing...

  • larc

    Francois, I know that writing is your craft, and you are good at it. However, your last piece of writing here was superb, of the best I have ever read by any writer. I can relate to your situation, but I am not at liberty to discuss it here.

  • Francois

    I&P - I wrote it and it made ME weep for the entire two hours it took. See, I figger if she reads it too, on some off chance see... Maybe we oughta do a combined prognostication on something or other, it would be more like four times the power, not just two...but you know that.

    Larc - Thank you. My email is open as are my ears and eyes. Everyone seems to have one of those. Hard to bear, very hard to bear. I wonder if I'm hers.


  • messenger

    I know you may not like this, but the comments brought back to mind the "Kids In the Hall" skit where they are dressed as french whores. One who looks particularly sad is confronted by the other who says, "Is something wrong? and the entire context is:

    I wonder about Tony?

    Is he wondering about me?

    I wonder what Tony is thinking?

    I wonder what Tony is doing?

    Could he be coming to see me?

    At which point the enquirer says, "All this talk of Tony it is driving me crazy. Shut up about Tony!"

    At this point they are quiet. A man bursts into the room and says what is going on?

    I was thinking about Tony?

    Is he thinking about me?


    On and on it goes with every conversation going back to thinking about Tony. Somewhere along the way you get the distinct impression "Tony" dosen't give a rats ass about them, but all they can do is worry about him.

    Writing and worrying about "grey eyes" will not make him a better person or make him the person you need to fulfill your life. Your "Tony" ain't going to make the deal work. You have beautiful writing skills, why not expend your efforts on a real man who you could share the rest of your life with you?

    Pretty eyes and pretty words will never compensate for a person who treats you like a queen and makes you happy.

  • Vivamus

    Francois, you have made me cry. That is about the most beautiful and saddest thing I have read in a long time.

    I wish, I wish, that all the people in the world could be with their soulmate.

    (((((((((((((((group hug to you all)))))))))))))))

    Viv (Nora)

  • larc

    Francois, I will e-mail you, but not today. I am not up to it. All thoughts are in my head, but I can not do it today. Thank you, for allowing me to express myself.

  • Francois

    Whenever you're ready, Larc old friend.

    So do I, Viv, so do I.


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  • professor

    Sorry you are down, I&P. I too had my heart broken by the one that I knew would about six years ago. She still visits me sometimes in my dreams.

  • Francois


    You said, "just remember just because some posters don't wear their heart on their sleeve, doesn't mean they aren't hurting inside. and i'm sincerely sorry if i hurt anyone here. you just never know. and i do love it here and i do love all of you, my fellow ex-jw pilgrims." How prescient.

    I've been very impressed with the personal contacts that have been made in the few hours since all this hit the fan. You were and are very right when you say that "just because some posters don't wear their heart on their sleeve, doesn't mean they aren't hurting inside." My goodness, how men and women must hurt each other. There's a veritable epidemic of it right here on our little board. I'm surprised, then, that the whole world isn't weeping.

    Guard your hearts.

    - francois

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