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  • good2bgone

    The August KM disfellowshipping article will be discussed the weeks of Aug 19 & 26. I'm thinking of explaining the shunning policy to a reporter or some friends. They could go to the meeting that night and explain before the meeting that they are interested in listening and learning what JW's believe and see how they treat others. Would it make the elders squirm when the article is discussed? Would they be worried as to what the outsider is thinking? It bothers me that they are having a Watchtower-like Q & A at the Service Meeting on this topic. They didn't publish it in the Watchtower because they didn't want outsiders knowing their medival shunning practices. So, why not expose it to at least a few. I think some of my friends would find it very enlightening. The reporter might be shocked by the shunning process. He or she might then want to interview ones who have been shunned and do a story. Any other ideas?

  • Truth2Me

    Yeah Good2bgone, great idea!

    Awesome idea! I say go for it!


  • onacruse

    Interesting. I hadn't thought of this being a KM insert instead of a WT article as an attempt to keep the issue low profile. Since the insert basically just reiterates the 1981 WT, it's not really a new policy. But there WAS a Q/R some months ago that said it was ok to pray for a df'd one if you knew that they weren't still "living a sin." Like a JW commented to me "How would you know if someone df'd was ok to pray for unless you had been talking to them?" This JW also speculated that this KM insert was a reaction to that Q/R, thinking that many JWs were suddenly getting too liberal in their treatment of the df'd. Another said "So, what is it then? Either total shunning, or not? How can they go back and forth on this?"

    I got a great laugh that I had this info from the board here WEEKS before any of the JWs I know. One said "What insert? You already have the August KM? HOW did you get that? I don't even have it yet!" JWs just HATE it when someone gets the scoop on them. LOL

    Craig (of the df'd for good class)

  • LB

    Now this is a wonderful idea. No one in the hall would object to some nicely dressed reporter sitting down. Why look, he's taking notes. I wonder where this brother is from????

    Just be sure to warn any reporters NOT to question anyone before the meeting, wait until it's over.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Good point LB. If the elders knew this was a reporter, there would be no way he/she would be allowed to stay. They would surely escort them out. I love the idea of identifying themselves afterward and asking various people their reaction to the KM article though . . . .

  • scootergirl

    hmmm...........this does sound like a good idea!

  • larc

    goodtobegone, thank for the information, re: when the issue will be discussed. I talked to my JW sister recently, and she was really nice to me. I thought she had been exposed to the new light, so I was surprised. The dates you gave may help me. My wife and I plan to love bomb my sister a few days before she studies the KM. I will let you all know how that works out.

  • RandomTask

    The problem with involving the media etc.. is that the witnesses are such an insignifigant religion in the grand scheme of things. Even though they played a major part in most of our lives the rest of everyone else kindof doesn't care.

  • Thirdson


    JWs just HATE it when someone gets the scoop on them. LOL

    They sure do!!!!

    It really irks my mother that I read the KM before she gets hers and I had a copy of the letter sent to elders in the UK (before the Panorama program aired) the very day the letter was read out. And I am just an "almost apostate".


    PS Thanks to everyone who publishes or e-mails the supposedly secret stuff.

  • Reborn2002

    That is a BRILLIANT idea!

    I am certain that there are reporters desiring a scoop for a story who would JUMP on this opportunity to see such horrific practices outlined and even ENCOURAGED!

    Enough talk..

    Time for a call to action!

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